Joel 3
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1Because in those days and at that season when I return the captivity of Judea and of Jerusalem

2I shall gather all the nations and I shall bring them down to the valley of Yoshaphat and I shall judge with them there for the sake of my people and for the sake of Israel my inheritance which is scattered among the nations, because they have divided my land

3And they cast lots for my people, and they gave boys for the price of a whore and they sold girls for wine and they drank

4What are you considered to me, Tsur and Tsidan, and all Galila and Philistia? Do you pay a payment for me? And if you set a payment for me, in speed and quickly I shall return your payment on your heads 5Because you have taken my money and my gold, and my beautiful vessels you brought to your temples 6And the children of Yehuda and the children of Jerusalem you sold to the children of the Greeks that you would remove them far from their borders 7Behold, I arouse them from the place where you sold them, and I shall return your payment on your heads 8And I shall deliver your children and your daughters into the hand of the children of Yehuda and they shall sell them to Sheba, the distant people, for LORD JEHOVAH has spoken

9Preach this among the Gentiles, consecrate war, stir up the mighty men, let them approach and all the warrior men shall come up

10Beat the blades of your ploughs into swords and your sickles into spears, and he who is weak will say, “I am a mighty man!”

11Be gathered and come, all of you nations that are around! Come near, and there LORD JEHOVAH breaks your might

12They shall be awakened and the nations shall come up to the valley of Yoshaphat, because there I shall sit to judge all the nations that are around

13Set the sickle firmly, because the harvest is ripe. Come in and tread, because the pits are filled and the winepresses overflow, because their evil has increased

14Uproars of uproars in the valley of the judgments, because the day of LORD JEHOVAH is near in the valley of the judgments

15The sun and the moon were darkened and the light of the stars has set

16And LORD JEHOVAH shall roar from Zion and he shall give his voice from Jerusalem, and Heaven and Earth shall shake, and LORD JEHOVAH shall show pity on his people and he shall empower the children of Israel

17And you shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God, I who dwell in Zion the mountain of my holiness, and Jerusalem shall be holy, and strangers shall dwell in it no more

18In that day the mountains shall drop down sweetness abundantly and the hills shall flow milk and all the brooks of Judea shall flow waters, and a fountain from the house of LORD JEHOVAH shall come forth, and it shall water the valley of Satim

19Egypt will be for desolation and Edom for desolate wilderness from the plunder of the children of Yehuda, because they shed innocent blood in their land

20Yehuda shall dwell for eternity and Jerusalem for a generation of generations

21And I shall avenge their blood and I shall not have pity, and LORD JEHOVAH dwells in Zion.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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