Job 34
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1And Elihu answered and said:

2“Hear my words, wise men, and those who know, pay attention to me

3Because the ear tests words and the palate tastes food

4We will select a Judge for us and he will know what is beautiful between us

5You have said, Job, that you are innocent, for you said: ‘I am justified and God has turned my judgment against me!’

6Who is the man who is destroyed without an offense?

7Who is a man like Job that would drink mockery like water?

8And he was a partner and a friend to workers of evil, walking with men who are sinners

9You said that a man is not just when he is a worshiper of God

10Because of this, men of heart, hear me; God forbid God that he would do evil and God forbid that he would commit sin!

11According to the works of a son of man he pays him, and a man finds according to his ways

12Truly God does no evil, neither does God pervert the way

13Who commanded the Earth and made all the world?

14If he turns his heart against it, his spirit and his soul are gathered to him

15All flesh ends as one, and a son of man returns to his dust

16And if you understand, hear these things and give ear to the voice of my words

17Whoever hates judgment is unjust, and if one is innocent, he is not justly condemned

18He who says evil about a King, a King of Rulers, a King of Governors

19Who will not accept the faces of Princes and will not accept the faces of the poor, because all of them are the work of his hands

20Suddenly they die, and in the middle of the night are consumed and are destroyed and they see The Almighty One, not in power

21Because his eyes are on all the ways of a man and he sees all his steps

22Without darkness and without shadows of death for the Servants of evil to hide themselves there

23Because again, a man was not appointed to walk with God in judgment

24For he has brought evil to many without limit, and we will live together in their place

25Because of this, he shall know them from their works, and he shall turn them away into the night

26And their works will be leveled under evil in the place of power

27For they turned away from after him, and they did not understand all his ways

28The prayer of the poor approaches before him, and the cry of the afflicted he hears

29And if he forgives, who is condemned, and if he turns his face, who is forgiving the people or a son of man together?

30Because a changeable man does not reign, or a sinner over the people

31Because God said: ‘I have forgiven; I do not destroy without sins’

32Teach me if you have done evil

33I shall not again give you an answer, because you have sinned, for you are examined and not I; anything that you know, speak

34Men of heart will speak to me, and wise man will listen to me

35Job was not speaking in knowledge, and his words were not with intelligence

36Truly Job has been tested unto the limit, and he is not considered evil by men

37And if he adds foolishness to his sins among us, he will be commanded and he will bring his words before God

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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