Job 13
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1Behold, my eyes saw all these things, and my ear heard and I considered

2I know according to your knowledge also, and I have not been inferior to you

3However, I am speaking to The Almighty One, and I shall speak my reproof to God

4However, you are speaking falsehood, and you are healers of nothing

5He, The Maker, is silent; you should be silent, and let this be for your wisdom

6Hear, therefore, my reproof, and obey the judgment of my lips

7You speak evil about God and do you speak deceit about him?

8Do you accept his person, or do you judge with God?

9It is good for you that he investigates you, if as a man is judged you are judged by him in all things

10He shall surely reprove you if you will accept his person!

11His dread is your punishment and his terror will fall on you

12Remember that your power is from the dust, and your lofty dwelling is upon a bank of clay

13Be silent before me and I shall speak also, and I will tell everything that has passed against me

14Why do I take up my flesh into my teeth, and my soul is put into my hands?

15If he will kill me, it is for him alone I look, because my ways are before him

16Also he shall be to me The Savior, because a phony does not come into his presence

17Listen to hear my words and I shall tell my story before you

18Behold, also I bring my judgment and I know that I am innocent

19Who is he that contends with me? For now I shall be silent and be at rest

20However, two things do not turn away from me, and then I shall not turn aside from before you

21Do not remove your hand from me, and do not let your awesomeness terrify me

22Call me and I shall answer, or I shall speak and bring me an answer

23How many debts and sins do I have? My debts and my sins teach me

24Why do you turn your face from me and you consider me as an enemy to you?

25Do you trample a dry leaf that falls, or do you chase a dry blade of grass?

26For you have written instruction against me, and you remind me of the sin debts of my youth

27And you set my feet in the stocks and have set a guard on all my ways, and shall you look upon the footprints of my feet?

28And he is as a skin which wears out, and like clothing which a moth eats.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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