Isaiah 32
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Behold, a King in righteousness and Princes in justice are authorized

2And a man will be as a shelter against the wind, and like a hiding place against the violent rain, and like a stream of waters in thirst, and like the shadow of a mighty rock in an afflicted land

3And the eyes of those who see are not smeared over, and the ears of those who hear shall listen

4And the heart that understands shall perceive knowledge, and the tongue that stutters will be quick to speak peace

5And they shall not call a fool the Ruler again, neither shall they call the worthless man Savior

6Because the mad man speaks madness and his heart devises evil, so that he will commit fraud and he will speak about deception and will deprive a soul that is hungry, and he shall deprive the drink of the thirsty

7The instruments of the worthless are evil, and he conceives a plan to destroy the poor by lying words, and the word of the afflicted in judgment

8And a great one thinks on greatness, and on greatness he shall rise

9Rich women, arise, hear my voice! Daughters who tell good news, incline to my words!

10The days of the year shall be angry with those who proclaim good news, because the vintage fails and it was gathered and it did not come

11Tremble rich women, and be angry, those who preach good news! Strip naked! Bind sackcloth on your waists!

12And mourn upon your chests over the grass of the field and over the vine of its fruit

13And upon the land of my people, thorns and briars shall sprout, and in all the households of joy and in the mighty city

14Because the temple is forgotten and the host of the city is forsaken, and the beauty of the houses was for caves until eternity, thorns, and a joy for wild donkeys, and the house of Shepherds for folds of sheep

15Until The Spirit from the high place will awaken upon us, and the wilderness will be as Karmela, and Karmela shall be considered as a forest

16And judgment shall dwell in the wilderness and righteousness shall be given in Karmela

17And his work of righteousness shall be peace and his cultivation of righteousness, stillness and hope to the eternity of eternities!

18And my people shall dwell in a dwelling of peace and in a tabernacle of hope and in a lodging house of hope!

19And hail shall descend on the forest, and like the valley, the city will be made low

20Blessed are you who sow on all waters, wherever bulls and male donkeys tread

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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