Hosea 9
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1You, Israel, shall not rejoice, and you shall not dance like the nations, because you have strayed from your God and you loved gifts from every granary

2And from the granary and from the winepress they will not be satisfied, and the oil will fail among them

3They shall not dwell in the land of LORD JEHOVAH, but Aphreim shall return to Egypt, and in Assyria they shall eat defilement

4They shall not pour out wine to LORD JEHOVAH, and their sacrifices will not be sweet to him, as it is the bread of affliction to them; all eating it shall be defiled because the bread of their souls does not enter the house of LORD JEHOVAH

5What will you do for the day of the feast and for the day of the feast of LORD JEHOVAH?

6Because those went into the spoil and Egypt shall collect them and Mephes shall bury them; foreigners shall inherit the lust of their silver and the thorns in their tents

7The days of vengeance have arrived; the days of payment have approached; Israel shall know the Prophet is a fool; a man is a madman for the evil in him; the spirit of insanity from the abundance of your evil made your debauchery to super abound

8The Watchman of Aphreim was with my God; the Prophet is a snare of subversion upon all his ways, and debauchery in the house of God

9They have dug down deep and they have become corrupt as the days of Ramtha, therefore their evil will be remembered and he shall judge their sins

10Like grapes in the wilderness I found Israel, and like a fig tree first fruits I have seen their fathers, and they entered to Baal Peor and they separated themselves to shame and they became an abomination like that which they loved

11Aphreim like a bird has flown away, their glory from birth, and from the womb and from conception

12Even if they shall raise children I shall bereave them of children of men, because woe to them, I have vengeance of them!

13Aphreim, as I have seen at Tyre which was planted among its buildings, thus Aphreim sends out his sons for slaughter

14Give them, LORD JEHOVAH, the thing that you give them: give them a barren womb and dry breasts

15All their evils in Galgala, because there I have hated them; in the evil of their strategies of my house I shall send them out and I shall not continue to show love to them. All their Rulers are rebellious

16Aphreim struck a root and it dried up that it will not give fruit, and if they bear children, I shall put to death the lust of their loins

17And my God shall reject them, because they did not listen to him, and they shall be wandering among the nations

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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