Hosea 7
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1Whenever I have healed Israel and the evil of Aphreim was revealed and the evil of Samaria, because they had practiced falsehood before me, and the thief was entering and sent a band of robbers into the streets

2And they did not say in their heart that I remember all of their evils, therefore their devices that have been before my face will surround them

3They gave joy to Kings and in their evil and in their unfaithfulness

4All their Rulers are adulterers as an oven burning for baking; one desists from the city; he kneads and kneads until it is leavened

5The day that they give counsel, the Princes begin to be passionate from wine; they reach out their hands with evil ones

6Because their heart is hot like a furnace in their ambush, and all night their passion grew old, and at dawn it was burning like fire and a flame

7All of them were hot like a furnace and they have consumed their Judges; all their Kings have fallen and there is none among them who called to me

8Aphreim is mixed among the Gentiles; Aphreim was a cake; before it was baked it was eaten

9In this way foreigners have consumed his power, and he did not know, and white hairs have come out on him and he did not know it

10And the honor of Israel was laid low before him and they did not turn to LORD JEHOVAH their God, and they did not look for him

11And Aphreim was like a baby dove; there is no heart in him; they came to Egypt and they went to Assyria

12I shall spread upon them my net in the place where they will go, and like a bird of Heaven I shall bring them down and I shall chastise them according to the report of their testimony

13Woe to them who have turned away from me! I shall bring evil upon them because they have done evil to me, for I have redeemed them and they have spoken falsehood against me

14And they have not cried to me from all their heart, but they wailed upon their bed for the grain and they were contending for wine, and they provoked me

15Against me and I have trained and I have strengthened their arms, and they have conceived evil

16They have perverted themselves for nothing and they were like a deceitful bow; their Princes shall fall by the sword by the audacity of their tongue; this is their entanglement of that in the land of Egypt

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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