Ezekiel 43
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1And he carried me to the gate that looks to the East 2And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the East, and his voice like the sound of many waters, and the Earth shone brightly from his glory 3Like the appearance that I saw when I came to destroy the city, and like the appearance that I saw at River Kebar, and I fell on my face 4And the glory of LORD JEHOVAH was over the house in the way of the gate that faces to the East 5And The Spirit picked me up and he brought me into the inner courtyard, and I saw that the house of LORD JEHOVAH was filled with his glory

6And I heard the thing that he said to me from within the house, and a man was standing with me 7And he said to me: “Son of man, the place of my throne and the place of the soles of my feet where I dwell among the children of Israel to eternity, and they of the house of Israel shall not be defiled again and they shall not pollute the name of my holiness again, they and their Kings in their whoredom, and by the corpses of their Kings and by their idols 8For they were making their gates by the side of my gates, and their borders on the side of my borders, and a wall was between me and them, and they polluted the name of my holiness in the evil that they had done, and I consumed them in my anger 9Therefore let them put their fornication and the corpses of their kings far away from before me, and I shall dwell among them for eternity

10But you, son of man, show this house to the house of Israel, and they shall be restrained from their evil that they have done to me, and they shall measure its likeness 11And if they are restrained from the thing that they had done, show them the image of the house and its preparation and its entrances and its exits and all its images and all its laws and all its forms, and draw for their eyes, so that they will keep all its forms and its entire design, and they shall make them 12This is the appearance of the house on the top of the mountain, and all its borders as they are circling The Holy of Holies

13These are the measurements of the altar by the forearm, which is a cubit and a handbreadth, its hollow of a forearm cubit, and the railing is a span to its edge in a circle, and so in its side 14And from the ground and unto the lower railing, two cubits, and its width one forearm, and from the lower railing and unto the upper, four cubits, and the width, a cubit 15And the altar was four cubits, and from the altar and above, four horns 16And the length of the altar, twelve cubits, and its width, twelve, square on its four sides 17And its railing, fourteen cubits its length, and fourteen its width on its four sides, and its railing and the border that was around it was half of a cubit, and its hollow is round, and its steps face to the East

18And he said to me: “Son of man, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: these are the laws of the altar in the day that it is made. They shall offer upon it burnt offerings and they shall pour blood upon it 19And I shall give to the Priests and to the Levites who are of the seed of Tsadoq, who come near to me, says THE LORD OF LORDS, to serve to me a bull, son of a herd, for the purification of sin 20And take from his blood and sprinkle on the four horns of the altar and on the four corners of the railing and on the border that is around it, and sprinkle upon it, and it shall be clean 21And take the bull of purification, and they shall offer it up on the side of the house outside of the Sanctuary

22And on the second day, bring for purification a kid of the goats without a flaw in it, and they shall purify the altar as they purified it with the bull 23And when you have finished purging, bring a bull, a son of a herd without a flaw in it, and a ram from a flock without a flaw in it 24And bring them before LORD JEHOVAH, and the Priests shall cast salt upon them, and they shall bring them as burning peace offerings to LORD JEHOVAH 25You shall bring one kid per day, seven days, for purification, and one bull, son of a herd, and a ram from a flock without a flaw in it 26They shall be offering seven days, and they shall cleanse the altar and they shall consecrate their hands 27And when the days are finished from the seventh day and beyond, then the Priests shall bring to the altar their burning peace offerings and their offerings, and I shall be pleased with them, says THE LORD OF LORDS”

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