Ezekiel 42
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1And he brought me to the outer courtyard to the way north, and he brought me to the chamber next to the separate partition and next to the north building 2Next to the length of a hundred forearms of the northern gate, and the width of fifty cubits 3Opposite the door of the inner courtyard and opposite the steps of the outer courtyard of the building, one upon another for each of three stories ” 4And in front of the chambers of the walking place was ten cubits in width, and the length a hundred cubits, and the door of the walking place was toward the north 5And the chambers above were small, because the stairs were entering into them 6For they were trisected, and there were no pillars for them like the pillars of the courtyard, therefore they were smaller than the lower ones and the middle ones 7And in the outside wall that was opposite the rooms, the length was fifty cubits 8Because the length of the rooms of the outer courtyard was fifty cubits, and next to the Temple it was a hundred cubits 9And the door of the room of the eastern entrance that enters to the outer courtyard

10In the width of the wall of the courtyard, the eastern entrance before the separate partition and before the building of the rooms 11And the walkway in front of them and the appearance of the rooms which were on the way of the north, their length was like their width, and all their exits and their entrances and their appearance and their doors 12Were like the doors of the rooms which were in the way of the south door, at the head of the way, the way at the entrance of the wall which is in the way of the eastern valley as it comes

13And he said to me: “The north chambers and the chambers of the south that are next to the partition, these are the chambers where the Priests eat, they who offer to LORD JEHOVAH the Holy of Holies. There they set the Holy of Holies and fine wheat flour and the purification of sin offerings, because that place is holy 14And when the Priests enter, they shall not go out from the Holy Place to the outer courtyard, but there they lay their garments in which they serve, because they are Holiness, and they wear other garments and bring offerings in the place of the people

15And he finished the measurements of the inner house and he brought me to the way of the gate that faces to the East and he measured it as a circle 16And he measured to the east wind on a measuring reed, five hundred reeds 17And he measured to the north wind on a measuring reed, five hundred reeds in a circle 18And he measured to the south wind, five hundred reeds on a measuring reed 19And he measured to the west wind, five hundred reeds on a measuring reed 20To the four winds he measured it, and the wall in a circle: its length five hundred and its width five hundred, that will separate the Holy Place and the common

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