Daniel 8
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1In the third year of the kingdom of Beltshatsar, the King, a vision appeared to me I, Daniel, after the first vision that appeared to me 2I saw in my dream that I was in Shushan the palace that is in Ailam the city, and I saw in my dream that I stood on Abul Uli 3[Darius the Mede] and I raised my eyes, and I saw, and behold, one ram standing before Abul, and it had horns, and its horns were high, and one higher than its neighbor, and this high one afterward grew up 4And I saw the ram thrusting to the West and to the North and the South, and no animals stood before him, and there was not one which was saved from his hands, and he did what he pleased, and he was lifted up

5And I was considering a kid of goats, [Alexandrus son of Philippus] and a kid of goats came from the West on the surface of all the Earth, and he was not doing harm in the earth, and the kid had a horn that was seen between his eyes . 6And it came and he arrived unto that ram that had the horns that I saw, that was standing before Abul, and he ran upon him in his vehemence 7And he met the ram and was enraged against him and struck the ram, and he shattered both of the horns of the male, [Darius the Mede] and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, and he cast him on the ground and stomped him, and there was none to deliver the ram from his hands of the kid of the goats 8And the kid of the goats grew very big, and when he prevailed, his great horn was broken [the death of Alexandrus son of Phillips] and four came up from under it that were seen unto the four winds of Heaven

9[Antiochus Epiphanes the four Servants of Alexandrus son of Phillips that reigned after him] And from one of them one small horn proceeded and it grew exceedingly to the south and to the east 10And it grew unto the army of Heaven and it threw down on the Earth and some of the army and some of the stars and it stomped them 11And it reached unto the Prince of the Host, and from him it cast down faith and it destroyed the foundation of his holy place 12And power was given against the faith by debts, and holiness was cast down on the ground, and he passed on and was successful 13And I heard one Holy One who spoke, and another Holy One said to the one who spoke: “How long is the vision of the faith and the evil and the corruption to be finished, and holiness and the host will be trodden down?” 14And he said to him: “Until evening and morning two thousand and three hundred, and righteousness shall triumph!”

15And when I Daniel had seen this vision, I begged to understand, and behold, standing next to me was as the appearance of a man 16And I heard the voice of a man from the middle of Euli, who called, and said: “Gabriel, make this man understand this vision!” 17And he came to me where I was standing, and when he came, I was afraid, and I fell on my face, and he said to me: “Understand, son of man, because this vision is for the season of the end”

18And when he was speaking with me, I prostrated myself on my face on the Earth, and he touched me, and he stood me on my feet 19And he said to me: “Behold, I am showing you what will be in the end of wrath, in the time of the end

20Darius the Mede The ram that you saw that has horns, those are the Kings of Media and Persia

21Alexandrus And the kid of the goats is the King of the Greeks, and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first King 22And that which was broken, and four rose up from under it; they are four Kings from the people. They shall arise, and not by their power

23And the end of their kingdom is when debts are finished. A King of severe face shall rise, and he understands empire

24And his power is mighty, and not by his own power, and he will produce marvels, and he will prosper, and he shall go through and he shall destroy strong ones and people of the Holy Ones

25And in his empire deceit will succeed by his hand, and his heart will be lifted up, and in silence he will destroy many, and he shall rise up against The Ruler of Rulers, and by the closing of a hand he will be broken

26And the vision of the dawn and of the evening that was spoken is truth, but you, Daniel, cover up this vision, because it is for many days”

27And I, Daniel, shook, and I was troubled for many days, and I arose, and I did the work of the King, and I was astonished at the vision, and there was none who understood

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