2 Samuel 9
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1And David said: “Is there now a man who is left from those of the house of Shaul? I shall do kindness for him because of Jonathan” 2And to the household of Shaul there was a Servant, and his name was Tsiba, and they called him to David and the King said to him: “Are you Tsiba?” And he said: “I am your Servant!” 3And the King said to him: “Is there yet a man from the household of Shaul? I shall do kindness for him for the sake of God.” And Tsiba said to the King: “A son is raised up to Jonathan, and his feet are maimed” 4The King said to him: “Where is he?” Tsiba the King said to him: “Behold, in the house of Makir, he is son of Gemil from Ludbar” 5And the King sent and took him from Makir, son of Gemil, from Ludbar 6And Maphibshath, son of Jonathan, son of Shaul, came to David and he fell on his face and worshiped, and David said to him: “Maphibshath!” And he said: “Your Servant has come!” 7David said to him: “Do not be afraid, because I am performing favor with you, because of Jonathan your father, and I return to you all the fields of Shaul your father, and truly you shall eat bread at my table!” 8And he worshiped and he said: “What is your Servant that you have looked at me, for I am as a dead dog!”

9And the King called Tsiba and said to him: “All that Shaul had and all his household I have given to the son of your Master 10And you shall cultivate the land for him, you and your sons and your Servants, and you shall bring bread to the son of your Master and he shall eat, and Maphibshath, son of your Master, will be eating bread at my table continuously.” And Tsiba had fifteen sons and twenty Servants 11And Tsiba said to the King: “All that my Lord the King commanded his Servant, thus your Servant does.” And Maphibshath was eating bread at the table of the King like one of the sons of the King 12And Maphibshath had a young son and his name was Mika, and everyone who dwelt in the house of Tsiba were Servants of Maphibshath 13And Maphibshath was dwelling in Jerusalem, because he was eating at the table of the King continually, and his two legs were crippled

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