2 Chronicles 21
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1And Yushaphat fell asleep with his fathers and he was buried with his fathers in the city of David, and Yehuram his son arose in the kingdom after him. 2And he had brothers, sons of Yushaphat, and these are their names: Azarayah, Nekhiel, Zechariah, Azarayah, Malkaeil, Shephatiah. These all are the sons of Yehoshaphat, King of Yehuda. 3And their father gave them many gifts: silver and gold and many gifts and fortress cities of Yehuda, and the kingdom was given to Yehuram because he was the eldest son.

4And Yehuram arose over the kingdom of his father and he acted powerfully and he killed all his brothers in battle, also he killed some Elders of Israel. 5He was a son of thirty and two years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem. 6And he walked in the ways of the Kings of Israel, just as those of the house of Akhab had done, because the sister of Akhab was his wife, and he did evil before LORD JEHOVAH. 7And LORD JEHOVAH chose not to destroy the house of David because of the oaths that he swore to David, to give him and his children a bright lamp all the days.

8In his days the Edomites rebelled from under the hand of Yehuda, and they appointed a King over them. 9And Yehuram crossed with his Princes and all his chariots with him, and it was that when he arose in the night, they put the Edomites to the sword, and the Commanders of the chariots came with him. 10And the Edomites rebelled from under the hand of Yehuda until today. Then the Edomites who dwelt in Lebna at that time rebelled from under his hand, because he had forsaken LORD JEHOVAH, the God of his fathers. 11Also he made sacrifices in the mountains of Yehuda, and he gave wine to the Nazirites of Jerusalem to drink, and he scattered those of the house of Yehuda.

12And he brought to him some words of Eliyah the Prophet who said to him: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH the God of David your father: “Because you have not walked in the ways of Yehoshaphat your father and in the ways of Asa, King of Yehuda 13And you walked yourselves in the ways of the Kings of Israel, and you have led Yehuda and the inhabitants of Jerusalem astray with the prostitution of the house of Akhab, also you have killed your brothers, the sons of your father, who were better than you 14Behold, LORD JEHOVAH strikes you and your people and your sons and your wives and all your goods with a great plague 15And you shall die with severe disease and you will be destroyed in great torment until your intestines will fall out from your disease, and you shall collapse for many years with severe pain.

16And LORD JEHOVAH has awakened the spirit of the Philistines and of the Arabians dwelling among the Hindus against Yoram 17And they would go up against Yehuda and they would lay them waste, and they would return all of the spoil that was found in the house of the King, also his sons and his wives, and no son shall be left to him except Ekhazyah his youngest son.

18After all these things the plague will be in his intestines and he shall die with severe disease and he shall have no healing.” 19And it was after many days, when the word of the Prophet was fulfilled, for two years his intestines came out from his sickness and he died with severe disease, and the people did not do him honor as they had done to his fathers. 20He was a son of thirty and two years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem, and he went on without desire and he was buried in the city of David his father, and not in the mausoleum of the Kings.

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