2 Chronicles 19
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1And Yehoshaphat returned before the face of the sunset to his house in the peace of Jerusalem. 2And the son of Khanan, the Seer, went out to meet him and said to King Yehoshaphat: “You went to help the wicked and you have loved the haters of LORD JEHOVAH! Because of this, LORD JEHOVAH is angry with you! 3But I believe that good words have been declared of you, because you have not shed innocent blood in the earth, and you have prepared your heart to pray before LORD JEHOVAH in the truth!”

4And Yehoshaphat dwelt in Jerusalem, and he returned and went out from Beersheba the city, and he arrived at the Mountain of Aphreim, and he turned them to worship before LORD JEHOVAH the God of their fathers.

5And he raised up Judges in the land, in all the fortress towns of Yehuda and in the fortified cities 6And he said to the Judges: “See what you do, that it is not for the children of men you judge, but for LORD JEHOVAH our God, and be strong and judge the judgment of truth, and LORD JEHOVAH will be with you for eternity 7And take care and do, because before LORD JEHOVAH our God there is no evil or favoritism or accepting of a bribe.”

8Also in Jerusalem Yehoshaphat appointed some Levites, and some Priests, and some Chiefs of the fathers of the children of Israel for the judgment of LORD JEHOVAH, and he returned to Jerusalem. 9And he commanded them and he said to them: “Thus you will do for the worship of LORD JEHOVAH in faith and with a perfect heart. 10Every judgment that comes to you from your brethren dwelling in your cities, between blood and blood, and between law and commandment and judgment, also you shall warn them that they shall not commit a violation before LORD JEHOVAH and he would be angry with them and with their brethren; so you will do and you shall not be guilty. 11I have appointed Priests for you that they will judge the judgment of truth and the judgment of faith, according to the commandment of LORD JEHOVAH.” And Zekaryah, son of Shemaiah, showed all the house Yehuda all of the commandments of the King, and he showed the Scribes and the Levites, and he repeated everything before them and said to them: “Be courageous and work, and LORD JEHOVAH will be for your help to eternity.”

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