1 Samuel 6
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1And the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH was in a field of the Philistines seven months 2And the Philistines, the Priests and the Tyrants called and they said: “What shall we do with the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH? Show us by what we shall send it to its place?” 3And they said: “If you send the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel, you shall not send it empty, but certainly bring him offerings, and then you shall be healed and it will be made known to you why the hand of LORD JEHOVAH would not turn away from you” 4And they said: “What offerings shall we bring to him?” And they said, “The number of the Tyrants of the Philistines five tumors of gold and five mice of gold, because one plague is for you and for the Tyrants 5And you shall make images of your tumors and images of your mice that destroy the land, and you shall give the God of Israel honor; perhaps he will remove his hand from you and from your god and from your land 6And you shall not harden your heart as when the Egyptians and Pharaoh hardened their heart and as when they mocked at them, neither did they send them, neither did they go 7Now take and make one new wagon and two cows that are nursing on which a yoke has not fallen, and bind the cows to the wagons, and return their offspring after them to the house 8And take the ark of LORD JEHOVAH and put it in the cart, and the vessels of gold which you have brought to him as gifts, put in a bag at its side, and send it and it shall go 9And see, if it goes on the road of the border that goes up to Bayth Shemesh, LORD JEHOVAH has done this great evil to us, and if not, we will know that it was not his hand that has come to us, but it was chance to us”

10And the men did so and they drove two cows which were nursing, and they bound them to the cart and their offspring they enclosed in the barn 11And they placed the Ark of God in the wagon, and the sack and the mice of gold and the figures of their tumors 12And the cows were sent in the road that was by the border of Bayth Shemesh walking in the one path, and they went and they were mooing and they did not turn to the right or to the left, and the Tyrants of the Philistines were going after them unto the border of Bayth Shemesh

13And men of the city of Bayth Shemesh were reaping the harvest of wheat in the low lying country, and they lifted up their eyes and they saw the Ark, and they rejoiced when they saw it 14And the wagon came to the field of Yeshua, who was of Bayth Shemesh, and it stopped there, and there was a great stone, and they split the wood of the wagon, and they offered up the cows as a burnt offering to LORD JEHOVAH 15And the Levites brought down the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH and the sack that was with it which had in it vessels of gold, and they placed it on the great stone, and the men of Bayth Shemesh offered up burnt offerings and they sacrificed sacrifices on that day to God 16And the five Tyrants of the Philistines saw and returned to Akrun on that day

17And these tumors of gold that the Philistines brought as a gift to God, one of Ashduud and one of Aza, and one of Ashqalun, and one of Gath and one of Aqrun 18And each one, a mouse of gold; the number of all the towns of the Philistines and the five Tyrants of the fortress cities, and unto the villages of the Parizites, and unto great Abal, and they placed upon it the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH until today, in the field of Yeshua who was from Bayth Shemesh

19And LORD JEHOVAH struck the people of Bayth Shemesh because they worshiped the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH, and LORD JEHOVAH struck five thousand and seventy men among the people, and the people made lamentation, because LORD JEHOVAH struck a great slaughter among the people 20And the men of Bayth Shemesh said: “Who can stand before this Holy LORD JEHOVAH God, and who will take the Ark up from us?” 21And they sent Messengers to the dwellers of Quryath Narayn, and they said: “The Philistines have returned the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH. Go down, carry it up for yourselves!”

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