1 Peter 1
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1Petraus, an Apostle of Yeshua The Messiah, to The Chosen Ones and Pilgrims who are scattered in Pontus and in Galatia, in Qapadoqia, in Asia and in Bithynia; 2Those who have been chosen in the prior knowledge of God The Father by sanctification of The Spirit, for obedience and for the sprinkling of the blood of Yeshua The Messiah. Grace and peace be multiplied to you.

3Blessed is God The Father of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah, he who in his great pity has begotten us again by the resurrection of Yeshua The Messiah to the hope of life, 4And to an inheritance which is indestructible, undefiled and unfading, prepared for you in Heaven, 5While you are kept by the power of God and by the faith, for the life which is ready to be revealed in the last time; 6In which life you shall rejoice for eternity, although at this time you are a bit weary with various temptations which suddenly come upon you, 7So that the proof of your faith may appear, which is worth more than refined gold tried in the fire, for glory and honor and praise at the revelation of Yeshua The Messiah, 8Him whom you have not seen and yet you love, and in his faith you greatly rejoice with glorious joy which cannot be spoken, 9That you may receive the reward of your faith: The Life of your souls;

10About which Life The Prophets have investigated, when they prophesied about the grace that was going to be given to you. 11And they searched for what time The Spirit of The Messiah who dwelt in them revealed, and testified that the sufferings of The Messiah were coming, and his glory which was after that; 12And it was revealed to all those who were searching, because they were not inquiring for themselves, but for us they were prophesying of those things belonging to us, which now are revealed to you by those things in which we have evangelized you, by The Spirit of Holiness, who is sent from Heaven, into which things the Angels have also desired to gaze.

13Because of this, gird up the loins of your mind, be perfectly attentive and hope for the joy which is coming to you in the revelation of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah, 14As obedient children, and do not be partaking again of your former lusts, which you were lusting without knowledge. 15But be Holy Ones in your entire way of life, as he who has called you is holy, 16Because it is written: “Be holy, just as I also am holy.”

17And if you call upon The Father, he who has no respect of persons and judges every person according to his works, live your life in reverence in this time of your pilgrimage, 18As you know that you were redeemed from your worthless works which you received from your fathers, not with silver which wears out, neither with gold, 19But with the precious blood of The Lamb, who has no blemish or defilement in him, who is The Messiah. 20He was appointed beforehand to this before the foundation of the world and was manifested at the end of times for you; 21You, who by him have believed in God, who raised him from among the dead and has given him the glory, that your faith and hope would be upon God,

22So that your souls would be sanctified in obedience to the truth and that they be filled with love without partiality, that you would be loving one another from a pure and perfect heart, 23As persons who have been born again, not from fallible seed, but that which is infallible, by the living word of God which stands for eternity.

24Because all flesh is grass and all its beauty as the blossom of the field; the grass withers and the blossom fades.

25And the word of our God stands for eternities. And this is that word by which you have been evangelized.

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