1 Kings 9
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1And when Solomon had finished building the house of LORD JEHOVAH and the house of the King and all the pleasure of Solomon that he pleased to do 2Then LORD JEHOVAH was revealed unto Solomon the second time as he was revealed to him in Gebun. 3And LORD JEHOVAH said to him: I have heard your prayer and your request, which you requested from before me, and you have hallowed to me this house that you have built to put my name there until eternity, and my eyes and my heart shall be there all the days. 4And you, if you will walk before me according to what David your father walked, in perfection of heart and in rightness, to do according to what I commanded you, and you will keep my statutes and my judgments 5I shall establish the throne of your kingdom over Israel to eternity, as I said to David your father, that there will not fail you a man from the throne of Israel.

6And if you will turn from following me, you and your sons, and you will not keep my commands and my statutes that I have given before you, and you go and you will serve other gods and you worship them 7I will destroy Israel from the face of the land that I have given them, and the house which I hallowed for my name, I shall overthrow it from before me and Israel will be a proverb and a tale among all the nations 8And this house shall be desolate, and everyone who passes by near it shall be stupified and shall hiss, and they will say: “Why did LORD JEHOVAH so to this land and to this house?” 9And they will say: ‘Because they have forsaken LORD JEHOVAH their God who brought forth their fathers from the land of Egypt and they seized on gods of other nations and they worked for them and they bowed to them; because of this LORD JEHOVAH brought upon them all this evil.”

10And it was after twenty years, Solomon built two houses, the house of LORD JEHOVAH and the house of the King. 11And Khiram the King of Tsur supplied Solomon with wood of cedar and with the wood of cypresses and with gold as he pleased. Then King Solomon gave to Khiram twenty towns in the land of Galila. 12And Khiram went out from TsurTyre to see the towns that Solomon gave to him, and they were not pleasing in his eyes. 13And he said: “What are these towns that you have given to me, my brother?” And he called them the land of Kabuli until today. 14And King Khiram sent to King Solomon a hundred and twenty talents of gold.

15And this is the portion of tax that King Solomon brought forth to build the house of LORD JEHOVAH and his house, and he built the wall of Jerusalem, and Melu, and Khatsur, and Magdu and Gezer. 16And Pharaoh, King of Egypt, had gone and defeated Gezer and he burned it in fire, and the Canaanites who were dwelling in the city he killed, and he gave it as a gift to his daughter, the wife of Solomon. 17And Solomon built Gezer and Bayth Khuran the Lower 18And Baaluth and Tadmur that are in the land of the wilderness 19And all these towns of the house of treasure that were Solomon’s, also the towns of chariots, also the towns of the horsemen, and the pleasure of Solomon that he pleased to build in Jerusalem and in Lebanon and in all the land of his authority. 20And all the people who were left of the Amorites and the Hittites and the Perizzites and the Khivites and the Yebusites who were not of the children of Israel 21Their children who were left after them and whom the children of Israel were unable to destroy, Solomon made them Servants paying taxes until today. 22And Solomon did not give any children of Israel as Slaves, because they were men warriors and his Servants, and his Princes and his Mighty Men, and the Commanders of his chariots and his horsemen.

23These are Governors over the work of Solomon: five hundred and fifty that rule over the people, and they performed the work.

24And the daughter of Pharaoh went up from the city of David to the house that Solomon built for her; then he built Melu.

25And Solomon was offering sacrifices three times in a year and peace offerings on the altar that is before LORD JEHOVAH, and he set incense upon it before LORD JEHOVAH and he finished the house.

26And King Solomon made ships in EtsinuGabar that is with Eluth by the shore of the Sea of Reeds in the Land of Arud. 27And King Khiram sent his Servants in ships, men Mariners who know the sea, with the Servants of Solomon. 28And they came to Uphir, and they took from there four hundred and twenty talents of gold, and they brought it to King Solomon.

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