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ū·ḵə·mōṣ — 2 Occurrences

Job 21:18
HEB: לִפְנֵי־ ר֑וּחַ וּ֝כְמֹ֗ץ גְּנָבַ֥תּוּ סוּפָֽה׃
NAS: the wind, And like chaff which the storm
KJV: the wind, and as chaff that the storm
INT: before the wind chaff carries the storm

Isaiah 29:5
HEB: הֲמ֣וֹן זָרָ֑יִךְ וּכְמֹ֤ץ עֹבֵר֙ הֲמ֣וֹן
NAS: of the ruthless ones like the chaff which blows away;
KJV: of the terrible ones [shall be] as chaff that passeth away:
INT: the multitude of your enemies the chaff blows and the multitude

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