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śal·māh — 2 Occurrences

Exodus 22:9
HEB: שֶׂ֨ה עַל־ שַׂלְמָ֜ה עַל־ כָּל־
NAS: for sheep, for clothing, [or] for any
KJV: for sheep, for raiment, [or] for any manner of lost thing,
INT: sheep for clothing for any

Micah 2:8
HEB: יְקוֹמֵ֔ם מִמּ֣וּל שַׂלְמָ֔ה אֶ֖דֶר תַּפְשִׁט֑וּן
KJV: with the garment from them that pass
INT: have arisen with the garment the robe off

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