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min·nêh — 3 Occurrences

Ezra 7:26
HEB: לֶהֱוֵ֥א מִתְעֲבֵ֖ד מִנֵּ֑הּ הֵ֤ן לְמוֹת֙
KJV: speedily upon him, whether
INT: become be executed him whether death

Daniel 5:20
HEB: וִֽיקָרָ֖ה הֶעְדִּ֥יוּ מִנֵּֽהּ׃
KJV: and they took his glory from him:
INT: and glory was taken him

Daniel 7:16
HEB: וְיַצִּיבָ֥א אֶבְעֵֽא־ מִנֵּ֖הּ עַֽל־ כָּל־
KJV: and asked him the truth
INT: the exact asking him about of all

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