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lə·ḥō·wp̄ — 3 Occurrences

Genesis 49:13
HEB: זְבוּלֻ֕ן לְח֥וֹף יַמִּ֖ים יִשְׁכֹּ֑ן
KJV: shall dwell at the haven of the sea;
INT: Zebulun and he a haven of the sea will dwell

Genesis 49:13
HEB: יִשְׁכֹּ֑ן וְהוּא֙ לְח֣וֹף אֳנִיּ֔וֹת וְיַרְכָת֖וֹ
NAS: at the seashore; And he [shall be] a haven for ships,
KJV: of the sea; and he [shall be] for an haven of ships;
INT: will dwell he and he a haven ships and his flank

Judges 5:17
HEB: אָשֵׁ֗ר יָשַׁב֙ לְח֣וֹף יַמִּ֔ים וְעַ֥ל
KJV: on the sea shore, and abode
INT: Asher sat shore the sea and

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