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ba·‘ă·ḏōw — 9 Occurrences

Genesis 7:16
HEB: וַיִּסְגֹּ֥ר יְהוָ֖ה בַּֽעֲדֽוֹ׃
NAS: closed [it] behind him.
INT: closed and the LORD behind

Leviticus 16:6
HEB: ל֑וֹ וְכִפֶּ֥ר בַּעֲד֖וֹ וּבְעַ֥ד בֵּיתֽוֹ׃
KJV: of the sin offering, which [is] for himself, and make an atonement
INT: which may make himself and for his household

Leviticus 16:11
HEB: ל֔וֹ וְכִפֶּ֥ר בַּֽעֲד֖וֹ וּבְעַ֣ד בֵּית֑וֹ
INT: which and make about and for his household

Leviticus 16:17
HEB: צֵאת֑וֹ וְכִפֶּ֤ר בַּעֲדוֹ֙ וּבְעַ֣ד בֵּית֔וֹ
INT: comes atonement about and for his household

Leviticus 16:24
HEB: הָעָ֔ם וְכִפֶּ֥ר בַּעֲד֖וֹ וּבְעַ֥ד הָעָֽם׃
INT: of the people and make about and for the people

2 Kings 4:21
HEB: הָאֱלֹהִ֑ים וַתִּסְגֹּ֥ר בַּעֲד֖וֹ וַתֵּצֵֽא׃
NAS: and shut [the door] behind him and went
INT: of God and shut behind and went

Job 3:23
HEB: וַיָּ֖סֶךְ אֱל֣וֹהַּ בַּעֲדֽוֹ׃
INT: in God about

Psalm 72:15
HEB: שְׁ֫בָ֥א וְיִתְפַּלֵּ֣ל בַּעֲד֣וֹ תָמִ֑יד כָּל־
INT: of Sheba pray about continually all

Ezekiel 45:22
HEB: בַּיּ֣וֹם הַה֔וּא בַּעֲד֕וֹ וּבְעַ֖ד כָּל־
INT: day he about about and all

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