7755. Sokoh or Soko
Strong's Concordance
Sokoh or Soko: two places in Judah
Original Word: שׂוֹכֹה
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Sokoh or Soko
Phonetic Spelling: (so-ko')
Definition: two places in Judah
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as sok
two places in Judah
NASB Translation
Soco (3), Socoh (5).

שׂוֺכֹה, שׂוֺכוֺ proper name, of a location in Judah:

1 in Shephelah, שׂוֺכֹה Joshua 15:35; 1 Samuel 17:1 (twice in verse) (from ᵐ5 Σοκχωθ HPS (after We, compare Dr) conjectures שׂכות), שׂוֺכוֺ2Chronicles 11:7; 28:18, perhaps also שׂכֹה 1 Kings 4:10 (Buhl Benz SS ['perhaps']; Th Kit below

2); modern Eš-Šuw¢ke, south-southeast from Beth Shemesh, in Wady-es-San‰ RobBR 1. 494 BuhlGeogr. 194; Σωχω, Σοκχωθ, etc.

2 in hill-country, Joshua 15:48 (Kt שׂוכה, Qr שׂוכוֺ), probably also שׂוֺכוֺ 1 Chronicles 4:18 ('son' of חֶבֶר); modern Šuwêke, 4 h. south of חֶבְרֵוֺן RobBR ii. 16. 21 BuhlGeogr. 164; Σωχω(ν).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
Shocho, Shochoh, Sochoh, Soco, Socoh

Or Sokoh {so-ko'}; or Sowkow {so-ko'}; from suwk; Sokoh or Soko, the name of two places in Palestine -- Shocho, Shochoh, Sochoh, Soco, Socoh.

see HEBREW suwk

Forms and Transliterations
וְשׂוֹכֹֽה׃ ושוכה׃ שֹׂכֹ֖ה שׂוֹכ֔וֹ שׂוֹכ֖וֹ שׂוֹכ֤וֹ שׂוֹכֹ֖ה שׂוֹכֹ֥ה שוכה שוכו שכה śō·ḵōh śō·w·ḵōh śō·w·ḵōw soCho soChoh śōḵōh śōwḵōh śōwḵōw vesoChoh wə·śō·w·ḵōh wəśōwḵōh
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Englishman's Concordance
Joshua 15:35
HEB: יַרְמוּת֙ וַעֲדֻלָּ֔ם שׂוֹכֹ֖ה וַעֲזֵקָֽה׃
NAS: Jarmuth and Adullam, Socoh and Azekah,
KJV: and Adullam, Socoh, and Azekah,
INT: Jarmuth and Adullam Socoh and Azekah

Joshua 15:48
HEB: שָׁמִ֥יר וְיַתִּ֖יר וְשׂוֹכֹֽה׃
NAS: Shamir and Jattir and Socoh,
KJV: Shamir, and Jattir, and Socoh,
INT: Shamir and Jattir and Socoh

1 Samuel 17:1
HEB: לַמִּלְחָמָ֔ה וַיֵּאָ֣סְפ֔וּ שֹׂכֹ֖ה אֲשֶׁ֣ר לִיהוּדָ֑ה
NAS: and they were gathered at Socoh which
KJV: and were gathered together at Shochoh, which [belongeth] to Judah,
INT: battle were gathered Socoh which to Judah

1 Samuel 17:1
HEB: וַֽיַּחֲנ֛וּ בֵּין־ שׂוֹכֹ֥ה וּבֵין־ עֲזֵקָ֖ה
NAS: between Socoh and Azekah,
KJV: and pitched between Shochoh and Azekah,
INT: camped between Socoh between and Azekah

1 Kings 4:10
HEB: בָּֽאֲרֻבּ֑וֹת ל֥וֹ שֹׂכֹ֖ה וְכָל־ אֶ֥רֶץ
NAS: in Arubboth (Socoh [was] his and all
KJV: in Aruboth; to him [pertained] Sochoh, and all the land
INT: Ben-hesed Arubboth (Socoh all the land

1 Chronicles 4:18
HEB: חֶ֙בֶר֙ אֲבִ֣י שׂוֹכ֔וֹ וְאֶת־ יְקֽוּתִיאֵ֖ל
NAS: the father of Soco, and Jekuthiel
KJV: the father of Socho, and Jekuthiel
INT: and Heber the father of Soco and Jekuthiel the father

2 Chronicles 11:7
HEB: צ֥וּר וְאֶת־ שׂוֹכ֖וֹ וְאֶת־ עֲדֻלָּֽם׃
NAS: Beth-zur, Soco, Adullam,
KJV: And Bethzur, and Shoco, and Adullam,
INT: Beth-zur Soco Adullam

2 Chronicles 28:18
HEB: הַגְּדֵר֗וֹת וְאֶת־ שׂוֹכ֤וֹ וּבְנוֹתֶ֙יהָ֙ וְאֶת־
NAS: Gederoth, and Soco with its villages,
KJV: and Gederoth, and Shocho with the villages
INT: Aijalon Gederoth and Soco villages Timnah

8 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 7755
8 Occurrences

śō·w·ḵōw — 3 Occ.
śō·w·ḵōh — 4 Occ.
wə·śō·w·ḵōh — 1 Occ.

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