2870. tab'el
Strong's Concordance
tab'el: Tabeal
Original Word: טֱבְאֵל
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: tab'el
Phonetic Spelling: (taw-beh-ale')
Definition: "good for nothing", an Aramean (Syrian)
טָֽבְאֵל proper name, masculine (Aramaic; = God is good, see טוֺב; according to Wkl (see below) God is wise, compare Aramaic , Ethiopic be wise; Arabic act as physician, expert) — Persian officer in Samaria Ezra 4:7, ᵐ5 Ταβεηλ.

טָֽבְאַ֑ל proper name, masculine (apparently pointed to mean good-for-nothing (אַל as negative) see De Di Du StaGesch i. 590, originally טָֽבְאֵל; Ol§ 91 dii, 537 and others think אַ֑ל- simply pausal form) — Aramean, whose son Pekah and Resin proposed to make king of Jerusalem in place of Ahaz; only בֶּןטָֽֿבְאַ֑ל Isaiah 7:6 (WklAlttest. Untersuch. 1892. 74 identification with Resin, comparing טַבְרִמֹּן father of Benhadad).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
Tabeal, Tabeel

From towb and 'el; pleasing (to) God; Tabeel, the name of a Syrian and of a Persian -- Tabeal, Tabeel.

see HEBREW towb

see HEBREW 'el

Forms and Transliterations
טָֽבְאֵל֙ טָֽבְאַֽל׃ טבאל טבאל׃ ṭā·ḇə·’al ṭā·ḇə·’êl ṭāḇə’al ṭāḇə’êl TaveAl taveEl
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Englishman's Concordance
Ezra 4:7
HEB: בִּשְׁלָ֜ם מִתְרְדָ֤ת טָֽבְאֵל֙ וּשְׁאָ֣ר [כְּנָוֹתֹו
NAS: Mithredath, Tabeel and the rest
KJV: Mithredath, Tabeel, and the rest
INT: Bishlam Mithredath Tabeel and the rest companion

Isaiah 7:6
HEB: אֵ֖ת בֶּן־ טָֽבְאַֽל׃ ס
NAS: up the son of Tabeel as king
KJV: of it, [even] the son of Tabeal:
INT: the midst the son of Tabeel

2 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 2870
2 Occurrences

ṭā·ḇə·’al — 1 Occ.
ṭā·ḇə·’êl — 1 Occ.

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