Greek Concordance: ὀρφανούς (orphanous) -- 2 Occurrences
Englishman's Concordance
ὀρφανούς (orphanous) — 2 Occurrences

John 14:18 Adj-AMP
GRK: ἀφήσω ὑμᾶς ὀρφανούς ἔρχομαι πρὸς
NAS: I will not leave you as orphans; I will come
KJV: leave you comfortless: I will come to
INT: I will leave you as orphans I am coming to

James 1:27 Adj-AMP
GRK: ἐστίν ἐπισκέπτεσθαι ὀρφανοὺς καὶ χήρας
NAS: to visit orphans and widows
KJV: To visit the fatherless and
INT: is to visit orphans and widows

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