4950. Surtis
Strong's Concordance
Surtis: "shoal," Syrtis, the name of two large sandbanks on the Lybian coast
Original Word: Σύρτις, εως, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: Surtis
Phonetic Spelling: (soor'-tis)
Definition: "shoal", Syrtis, the name of two large sandbanks on the Lybian coast
Usage: Syrtis, a quicksand off the coast of North Africa.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from suró
"shoal," Syrtis, the name of two large sandbanks on the Lybian coast
NASB Translation
Syrtis (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4950: Σύρτις

Σύρτις (Lachmann Σύρτις; cf. Tdf. Proleg., p. 103; Chandler § 650), Συρτισεως, accusative Σύρτιν, (σύρω, which see (others from Arabicsert, i. e. 'desert'; others besides, see Pape, Eigennamen, under the word)), Syrtis, the name of two places in the African or Libyan Sea between Carthage and Cyrenaica, full of shallows and sandbanks, and therefore destructive to ships; the western Syrtis, between the islands Cercina and Meninx (or the promontories of Zeitha and Brachodes), was called Syrtis minor, the eastern (extending from the promontory of Cephalae on the Winers Grammar, to that of Boreum on the E.) was called Syrtis major (sinus Psyllicus); this latter must be the one referred to in Acts 27:17, for upon this the ship in which Paul was sailing might easily be cast after leaving Crete. (Cf. B. D. under the word .)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
quicksands, Syrtis

From suro; a shoal (from the sand drawn thither by the waves), i.e. The Syrtis Major or great bay on the north coast of Africa -- quicksands.

see GREEK suro

Forms and Transliterations
Συρτιν Σύρτιν Surtin Syrtin Sýrtin
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Englishman's Concordance
Acts 27:17 N-AFS
GRK: εἰς τὴν Σύρτιν ἐκπέσωσιν χαλάσαντες
NAS: that they might run aground on [the shallows] of Syrtis, they let down
KJV: into the quicksands, strake
INT: into the sandbars of Syrtis they should fall having lowered

Strong's Greek 4950
1 Occurrence

Σύρτιν — 1 Occ.

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