3647. holokléria
Strong's Concordance
holokléria: completeness, soundness
Original Word: ὁλοκληρία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: holokléria
Phonetic Spelling: (hol-ok-lay-ree'-ah)
Definition: completeness, soundness
Usage: perfect soundness, completeness.
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Cognate: 3647 holoklēría – properly, the condition of wholeness, where all the parts work together for "unimpaired health" (Souter). It is only used in Ac 3:16. See 3648 (holoklēros).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from holokléros
completeness, soundness
NASB Translation
perfect health (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 3647: ὁλοκληρία

ὁλοκληρία, ὁλοκηριας, (ὁλόκληρος, which see), Latinintegritas; used of an unimpaired condition of body, in which all its members are healthy and fit for use; Vulg.integra sanitas (A. V. perfect soundness): Acts 3:16 (joined with ὑγίεια, Plutarch, mor., p. 1063 f.; with τοῦ σώματος added, ibid., p. 1047 e.; cf. (Diogenes Laërtius 7, 107;corporis integritas, equivalent to health, in Cicero, de fin. 5, 14, 40; the Sept. for מְתֹם, Isaiah 1:6).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
perfect soundness.

From holokleros; integrity, i.e. Physical wholeness -- perfect soundness.

see GREEK holokleros

Forms and Transliterations
ολοκληρία ολοκληριαν ολοκληρίαν ὁλοκληρίαν holoklerian holoklerían holoklērian holoklērían oloklerian oloklērian
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Englishman's Concordance
Acts 3:16 N-AFS
GRK: αὐτῷ τὴν ὁλοκληρίαν ταύτην ἀπέναντι
NAS: him this perfect health in the presence
KJV: this perfect soundness in the presence
INT: to him the complete soundness this before

Strong's Greek 3647
1 Occurrence

ὁλοκληρίαν — 1 Occ.

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