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791. asteios -- of the town, by impl. courteous, elegant
... courteous, elegant. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: asteios Phonetic
Spelling: (as-ti'-os) Short Definition: elegant, pretty, fair, fine, beautiful ...
// - 6k
Strong's Hebrew
3304. yepheh-phiyyah -- pretty
yepheh-phiyyah. 3303, 3304. yepheh-phiyyah. 3305 . pretty. Transliteration:
yepheh-phiyyah Phonetic Spelling: (yef-eh' fee-yaw') Short Definition: pretty. ...
/hebrew/3304.htm - 6k

The Desire of Riches was Removed from Himself Pretty Early
... THE FOURTH CENTURY 33 The desire of riches was removed from himself pretty early.
The desire of riches was removed from himself pretty early. ...
/.../traherne/centuries of meditations/33 the desire of riches.htm

I Think, Then, that it Has Been Pretty Well Established not Only ...
... Chapter XXXVII. I think, then, that it has been pretty well established
not only that our Saviour´┐Ż I think, then, that it has ...
/.../origen/origen against celsus/chapter xxxvii i think then.htm

Blessing and Trial.
... trial. Her mother had made her a school-dress. Though neat and pretty, it
was of a material commonly used for men's shirts. Bessie ...
/.../byrum/the value of a praying mother/chapter xiii blessing and trial.htm

What the Flowers Say.
... Is not that a pretty thought, children, that the flowers are the smiles
of the grateful earth? Next, the flowers say to us, "be ...
/.../the life of duty a years plain sermons v 2/sermon lxi what the flowers.htm

Diamond Managed with Many Blunders to Read this Rhyme to his ...
... "Isn't it nice, mother?" he said. "Yes, it's pretty," she answered. ... "Yes, it's a
good distance," answered Diamond; "but I find my way about pretty well. ...
/.../macdonald/at the back of the north wind/chapter 21 diamond managed with.htm

While Vergilius, Going Slowly, was Thinking of These Things...
... There was always a pretty artfulness in the match-making of a patrician beauty and
her mother. ... "A pretty trick!" said her mother. "Oh, son of Varro! ...
/...// 7 while vergilius going.htm

The Sunday Christian.
... Is he a good Christian?". "He's a pretty fair Sunday Christian," replied Lane. ... "A
hypocrite, to use plain language.". "That's pretty hard talk," said Gregory. ...
// for the wise/the sunday christian.htm

Meanwhile, Angela Sovrani was Detained in Her Studio by the ...
... expression; with all the ardour of an artist who knows how difficult it is to catch
the swift and variable flashes of beauty on the face of a pretty woman, who ...
/.../corelli/the master-christian/xi meanwhile angela sovrani was.htm

The Second Continental Journey.
... We found this a pretty expeditions way of travelling for this country,
being able to make about fifty-five English miles a day. ...
/.../chapter viii the second continental.htm

I Knew How it Would Be.
... "I am not certain. Dalton is a most plausible man; and I am pretty sure that, in
the mind of a person like Eldridge, he can inspire the fullest confidence. ...
// for the wise/i knew how it would.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (superl.) Pleasing by delicacy or grace; attracting, but not striking or impressing; of a pleasing and attractive form a color; having slight or diminutive beauty; neat or elegant without elevation or grandeur; pleasingly, but not grandly, conceived or expressed; as, a pretty face; a pretty flower; a pretty poem.

2. (superl.) Moderately large; considerable; as, he had saved a pretty fortune.

3. (superl.) Affectedly nice; foppish; -- used in an ill sense.

4. (superl.) Mean; despicable; contemptible; -- used ironically; as, a pretty trick; a pretty fellow.

5. (superl.) Stout; strong and brave; intrepid; valiant.

6. (adv.) In some degree; moderately; considerably; rather; almost; -- less emphatic than very; as, I am pretty sure of the fact; pretty cold weather.

Pretty (1 Occurrence)
... having slight or diminutive beauty; neat or elegant without elevation or grandeur;
pleasingly, but not grandly, conceived or expressed; as, a pretty face; a ...
/p/pretty.htm - 7k

Arabah (32 Occurrences)
... North of the watershed, the main line of drainage is the Wady el-Jeib, which
everywhere keeps pretty close to the west side of the valley. ...
/a/arabah.htm - 33k

Neah (1 Occurrence)
... No name resembling either of these has yet been recovered, although the district
in which the place must be sought is pretty definitely indicated. ...
/n/neah.htm - 7k

Jacob's (34 Occurrences)
... North. It is probable that these paths follow pretty closely the ancient
tracks; and both would be frequented in Jesus' day. Which ...
/j/jacob's.htm - 23k

Lovely (19 Occurrences)
... 4. (superl.) Very pleasing; -- applied loosely to almost anything which is not grand
or merely pretty; as, a lovely view; a lovely valley; a lovely melody. ...
/l/lovely.htm - 13k

Images (158 Occurrences)
... 1695): "All Superstitions are to the People but like several sports to children,
which varying in their several seasons yield them pretty entertainment," etc. ...
/i/images.htm - 70k

Figure (19 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) A pattern in cloth, paper, or other manufactured article; a design wrought
out in a fabric; as, the muslin was of a pretty figure. ...
/f/figure.htm - 19k

Fair (147 Occurrences)
... Revised Version (British and American) "goodly"), and means literally, town bred
(as opposed to boorish), polite, polished in manners, urbane, then nice, pretty...
/f/fair.htm - 40k

Feat (1 Occurrence)
... 3. (vt) To form; to fashion. 4. (n.) Dexterous in movements or service; skillful;
neat; nice; pretty. Multi-Version Concordance Feat (1 Occurrence). ...
/f/feat.htm - 7k

Tree (245 Occurrences)
... known in Arabic as Zeizafan. It is a pretty shrub with sweet-smelling white
flowers and silver-grey-green leaves. It is difficult to ...
/t/tree.htm - 75k

Bible Concordance
Pretty (1 Occurrence)

Jeremiah 46:20 Egypt is a very beautiful heifer; but destruction out of the north is come, it is come.
(See NAS)



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