Paul: Caught up to the Third Heaven
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St. Peter's Further vindication St. Paul not Superior to St. Peter ...
... Now, although Paul was carried away even to the third heaven, and was caught up
to paradise, [2110] and heard certain revelations there, yet these cannot ...
/.../chapter xxiv st peters further vindication.htm

The Apostle Paul could Know the Third Heaven and Paradise, but not ...
... The apostle was caught up into the third heaven, and heard unspeakable ... The third
heaven, of course, and paradise were not the Apostle Paul himself; but ...
/.../augustine/anti-pelagian writings/chapter 12 viii the apostle paul.htm

Read the Book on the Resurrection by St. Methodius
... Paul had two revelations. ... of those who knew how to observe the niceties of language,
when he says, "I know such a man caught up to the third heaven; and I ...
/.../methodius/from the discourse on the resurrection/part iii read the book.htm

The Central Sun
... Paul believed this, we cannot tell. He speaks of being himself caught up into the
third heaven, and here Christ is spoken of as ascending above all heavens. ...
/.../kingsley/town and country sermons/sermon xxx the central sun.htm

Paul Also Makes Contradictory Statements About Himself, and Acts ...
... do I practise, but what I hate that do I." And he too who was caught up to the third
heaven and heard unspeakable words [5001] is a different Paul from him who ...
/.../origens commentary on the gospel of john/5 paul also makes contradictory.htm

Of the Double Heaven, --The visible, and the Heaven of Heavens.
... of heaven" (Genesis 1:17) in which the stars have their courses; nor both these
together; but that "third heaven" to which Paul was "caught up" (2 Corinthians ...
/.../the confessions and letters of st/chapter ii of the double heaventhe.htm

The Saint Having Turned to God the Father, Explains Why He Does ...
... of the body, I cannot tell, God knoweth, how he was caught up into Paradise and
heard unspeakable words." [2827] Paul carried up to the third heaven, knew not ...
/.../ambrose/works and letters of st ambrose/chapter xix the saint having.htm

And Many Monks have Related with the Greatest Agreement and ...
... he says, whether in the body I know not, or whether out of the body I know not;
God knoweth [1111] .' But Paul was caught up unto the third heaven, and having ...
/.../athanasius/select works and letters or athanasius/life of antony section 65.htm

That the Ruler Should be a Near Neighbour to Every one in ...
... For hence it is that Paul is caught up into Paradise (2 Corinthians 12:3) and explores
the secrets of the third heaven, and, yet, though borne aloft in that ...
/.../leo/writings of leo the great/chapter v that the ruler.htm

Revelation of Paul.
... Revelation of the holy Apostle Paul: the things which were revealed to him when
he went up even to the third heaven, and was caught up into paradise, and heard ...
// of paul/revelation of paul.htm

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2 Corinthians 12:1-4
It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.
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Paul is Persecuted by Certain Jews from Antioch and Iconium, and is Stoned

Paul is Persecuted by the Jews

Paul is Received by the Brethren Gladly

Paul is Released by the Civil Authorities on the Grounds of his Being a Roman Citizen

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Paul: Caught up to the Third Heaven

Paul: Chooses Silas As his Companion

Paul: Contends With Elymas (Bar-Jesus) the Sorcerer

Paul: Contends With the Judaizers Against Their Circumcision "Theology"

Paul: Conveys the Contributions of the Christians in Antioch to the Christians in Jerusalem

Paul: Debates on Mars' Hill (At the Meeting of the Areopagus Council) With Greeks

Paul: Declares he Was Going Bound in Spirit to Jerusalem

Paul: Departs for Caesarea

Paul: Educated at Jerusalem in the School of Gamaliel

Paul: Enters the Temple Courtyard

Paul: Escapes by Being Let Down from the Wall in a Basket; Goes to Jerusalem

Paul: Escapes to Berea by Night

Paul: from the Tribe of Benjamin,

Paul: Goes Through Phrygia and Galatia

Paul: Goes to Caesarea

Paul: Goes to Troas, where he Has a Vision of a Man Saying, "Come Over Into Macedonia

Paul: Has "A Thorn in the Flesh"

Paul: Has Barnabas As his Companion

Paul: He Declares to the Apostles at Jerusalem the Miracles and Wonders God had Performed Among the Gentiles by Them

Paul: Heals an Immobile Man

Paul: Heals the Ruler's Father and Others

Paul: His Defense

Paul: His Examination Before Herod Agrippa Ii

Paul: His Independence of Character

Paul: His Message Received Gladly by the Gentiles

Paul: His Resolute Determination to Go to Jerusalem Despite Repeated Warnings

Paul: His Trial Before Governor Felix

Paul: His Trial Before Governor Festus

Paul: His Vision and Conversion

Paul: Jewish Leaders Conspire Against his Life

Paul: John (Mark), a Companion of, Departs for Jerusalem

Paul: Kind Treatment by the Inhabitants of the Island

Paul: Lives in his own Rented House for Two Years, Preaching and Teaching

Paul: Makes his Second Tour of the Congregations

Paul: Meets some Brethren Who Accompany Him to Rome from Appii Forum

Paul: Persecuted and Expelled

Paul: Persecuted by Jews, Drawn Before the Deputy, Charged With Wicked Lewdness

Paul: Persecuted by the Jews Who Come from Thessalonica

Paul: Persecuted, Beaten, and Cast Into Prison With Silas

Paul: Persecutes the Christians; Present At, and Gives Consent To, the Stoning of Stephen

Paul: Persecutions Endured By

Paul: Persecutions of

Paul: Personal Appearance of

Paul: Preaches at Paphos

Paul: Preaches at Salamis

Paul: Preaches in Damascus for the First Time

Paul: Predicts Misfortune to the Ship; his Counsel not Heeded, and the Voyage Resumes

Paul: Proceeds to Macedonia After Strengthening the Congregations in That Region

Paul: Reasons in the Synagogue Every Sabbath

Paul: Rebukes the Exorcists

Paul: Received by the Disciples in Jerusalem

Paul: Refers the Question of Circumcision to the Apostles and Elders at Jerusalem

Paul: Remains in Custody for Two Years

Paul: Reproves the Soothsayer

Paul: Returns to Antioch, Accompanied by Barnabas, Judas, and Silas, With Letters to the Gentiles

Paul: Returns to Ephesus

Paul: Returns With the Apostle John to Antioch (Of Syria)

Paul: Re-Visits Pisidia, Pamphylia, Perga, Attalia, and Antioch, in Syria, where he Lived

Paul: Sends for the Elders of the Congregation of Ephesus

Paul: Sends Timothy and Erastus Into Macedonia, But he Himself Remains in Asia for a Period of Time

Paul: Sent to Damascus With Letters for the Arrest and Return to Jerusalem of Christians

Paul: Sent to the Gentiles

Paul: Sergius Paulus, Governor of the Country, is a Convert of

Paul: Sickness of, in Asia

Paul: Summons the Local Jewish Leadership

Paul: Supports Himself

Paul: Teaches at Antioch (In Syria) for One Year

Paul: The People Attempt to Worship Him

Paul: The Ship Encounters a Storm

Paul: The Ship is Wrecked, and all on Board Take Refuge on the Island of Melita (Malta)

Paul: The Spread of the Gospel Through his Preaching Interferes With the Makers of Idols

Paul: This Plan is Thwarted by his Nephew

Paul: Transferred to a Ship of Alexandria

Paul: Visits Amphipolis, Apollonia, and Thessalonica; Preaches in the Synagogue

Paul: Visits Antioch (In Pisidia), and Preaches in the Synagogue

Paul: Visits Assos, Mitylene, Chios, Samos, Trogyllium

Paul: Visits Coos, Rhodes, and Patara; Boards a Ship Bound for Tyre

Paul: Visits Corinth

Paul: Visits Ephesus, where he Leaves Aquila and Priscilla

Paul: Visits Iconium, and Preaches to the Jews and Non-Jews

Paul: Visits Lystra; Circumcises Timothy

Paul: Visits Much of the Island of Cyprus

Paul: Visits Perga in Pamphylia

Paul: Visits Samothracia and Neapolis

Paul: Visits Seleucia

Paul: Visits Troas

Paul: Waits at Tyre for Seven Days

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