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1446. Hebrais -- Hebrew, the Aramaic vernacular of Pal.
... NASB Word Usage Hebrew (3). Hebrew. From Eber; the Hebraistic (Hebrew) or Jewish
(Chaldee) language -- Hebrew. see GREEK Eber. (ebraidi) -- 3 Occurrences. ...
// - 6k

1447. Hebraisti -- in Hebrew, in Aramaic
... in the Hebrew tongue. Adverb from Hebrais; Hebraistically or in the Jewish (Chaldee)
language -- in (the) Hebrew (tongue). see GREEK Hebrais. ...
// - 6k


... Whether it be that the language is Chaldee, which differs in certain peculiarities
from our speech, and the Seventy were unwilling to follow those deviations ...
// principal works of st jerome/daniel.htm

The Original Text and Its History.
... of Jeremiah, (Ezra 4:8-6:18; 7:12-26; Dan.2:4, from the middle of the verse to end
of chap.7; Jer.10:11,) which are written in the cognate Chaldee language. ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/chapter xiv the original text.htm

Ancient Versions of the Old Testament.
... 13. The Chaldee word Targum means interpretation, and is applied to the translations
or paraphrases of the Old Testament in the Chaldee language. ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/chapter xvi ancient versions of.htm

Arbel. Shezor. Tarnegola the Upper.
... Geber, those that are versed in the Talmudic writings will easily perceive; for
in them 'a cock' is indifferently called in the Chaldee language Tarnegola, and ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 85 arbel shezor tarnegola.htm

Index of Subjects.
... Canticles, 292. Chaldaisms, 307. Chaldee language, parts of the Old Testament written
in it, 175. See further under Targums. Chapters, origin of, 174, 377. ...
// to the bible/index of subjects.htm

The Great Slaughters and Sacrilege that were in Jerusalem.
... But Josephus wrote his former edition for the use of the Jews beyond Euphrates,
and so in the Chaldee language, as he did this second edition in the Greek ...
/.../chapter 13 the great slaughters.htm

Messiah's Innocence vindicated
... we suppose that a time should come, when the English language should be ... Such assistance,
we derive from the Chaldee, Syriac, Greek, and other ancient versions ...
/.../newton/messiah vol 1/sermon xxiv messiahs innocence vindicated.htm

Title and Position.
... of Babylonian, Palestinian, or Alexandrian extraction will depend in a great measure
on the view taken as to the original language, whether Chaldee, Hebrew, or ...
/.../daubney/the three additions to daniel a study/title and position.htm

The Greater Prophets.
... The writer employs both Hebrew and Chaldee, thus indicating that he lives during
the period of transition from the former to the latter language. ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/chapter xxii the greater prophets.htm

The Historical Books. 1 the New Testament...
... gospel according to the Hebrews," and more fully as "the gospel according to the
Hebrews, which is written indeed in the Chaldee and Syriac language, but in ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/chapter xxix the historical books.htm

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Daniel 1:4
Children in whom was no blemish, but well favored, and skillful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science, and such as had ability in them to stand in the king's palace, and whom they might teach the learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans.
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