Arbel. Shezor. Tarnegola the Upper.
"Arbel a city of Galilee." -- There is mention of it in Hosea 10:14. But there are authors which do very differently interpret that place, viz. the Chaldee paraphrast, R. Solomon, Kimchi: consult them.

It was between Zippor and Tiberias.

Hence Nittai the Arbelite, who was president with Josua Ben Perahiah.

The valley of Arbel is mentioned by the Talmudists.

So also "The Arbelite Bushel."

"Near Zephath in Upper Galilee was a town named Shezor, whence was R. Simeon Shezori: there he was buried. There is the memory also of R. Ismael Shezorei, who perhaps was his brother."

In that scheme which we exhibited in the beginning of this work, out of the Jerusalem Gemarists, delineating the limits of the land under the second Temple, among other names of places, you observe the mention of a place called "The upper Tarnegola or Cock," &c. I render it "Geber, (or Gabara) the upper, which is above Caesarea." Why I render Tarnegola by Geber, those that are versed in the Talmudic writings will easily perceive; for in them 'a cock' is indifferently called in the Chaldee language Tarnegola, and by the Rabbins Geber. Nor is there an example wanting of this our rendering. For the Targum of Jonathan, in Numbers 33:35,36, renders Ezio-geber Cerac Tarnegola, "The city of the Cock." And he mentions this very place which we are now upon, Numbers 34:8; "Tarnegola at Caesarea." And the Targum of Jerusalem there reads "Tornegola of Caesarion." Now that Caesarea which they mean is 'Caesarea Philippi,' which is at the fountain of Jordan: and that Gabara is called "Gabara the upper," for distinction's sake, from other cities of the same name. Josephus calleth "Tiberias, Sipphor, and Gabara," the three greatest cities of Galilee. He mentions also the town Gabaroth, and Gabaraganei, which are reckoned with the Gadarenes and Tyrians by him.

"From Gabara of Caesarea and down-wards is as the land of Israel," in respect of the Demai, or tithing.

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