Hiram or Huram
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Strong's Hebrew
2438. Chiram -- a Benjamite, also two Arameans (Syrians)
... Hiram, Huram. Or Chiyrowm {khee-rome'}; another form of Chuwram; Chiram or Chirom,
the name of two Tyrians -- Hiram, Huram. see HEBREW Chuwram. 2437, 2438. ...
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The Jewish Institutions and Laws of Far Higher Antiquity than the ...
... [2073] Hiram or Huram was his name (1 Kings 7:13, 40). Clement seems to have mistaken
the words huper on occuring in the epistle referred to for a proper name. ...
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Smith's Bible Dictionary
Hiram or Huram


  1. The king of Tyre who sent workmen and materials to Jerusalem, first, (2 Samuel 5:11; 1 Chronicles 14:1) to build a palace for David (B.C. 1064), whom he ever loved, (1 Kings 5:1) and again, 1Kin 5:10; 7:13; 2Chr 2:16 To build the temple for Solomon, with whom he had a treaty of peace and commerce (1 Kings 5:11,12) He admitted Solomon's ships issuing from Joppa, to a share in the profitable trade of the Mediterranean, (1 Kings 10:22) and the Jewish sailors, under the guidance of Tyrians, were taught to bring the gold of India, (1 Kings 9:26) to Solomon's two harbors on the Red Sea.
  2. Hiram was the name of a man of mixed race, (1 Kings 7:13,40) the principal architect and engineer sent by King Hiram to Solomon.
ATS Bible Dictionary
Hiram or Huram

1. A king of Tyre, who sent to congratulate David on his accession to the throne, and aided him in building his palace, 2 Samuel 5:11 1 Chronicles 14:1. He seems to have been the Abibal of secular history.

2. A king of Tyre, probably a son of the former, 2 Chronicles 2:13, and like him a friend of David. He congratulated Solomon at the commencement of his reign, and furnished essential aid in building the temple. He provided timber and stones, together with gold to an immense amount, and received in return large supplies of corn, wine, and oil, with twenty cities in Galilee, 1 Kings 5:1-18 2 Chronicles 2:1-18. Josephus relates that he and Solomon were wont to exchange enigmas with each other; that he greatly improved his city and realm, and died after a prosperous reign of thirty-four years, at the age of fifty-two.

3. A skillful artificer of Tyre, whose mother was a Jewess. The interior decorations and utensils of Solomon's temple were made under his direction, 1 Kings 7:13,14 2 Chronicles 2:13,14.



Hiram or Huram

Hiram: An Artificer Sent by King Hiram to Execute the Artistic Work of the Interior of the Temple

Hiram: Called Huram, King of Tyre: Builds a House for David

Hiram: Called Huram, King of Tyre: Dissatisfied With the Cities Given to Him by Solomon

Hiram: Called Huram, King of Tyre: Helps Solomon in Building the Temple

Hiram: Called Huram, King of Tyre: Makes Presents of Gold and Sailors to Solomon

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