Job 37
Douay-Rheims Bible

Elihu Proclaims God's Majesty

1At this my heart trembleth, and is moved out of its place.

2Hear ye attentively the terror of his voice, and the sound that cometh out of his mouth.

3He beholdeth under all the heavens, and his light is upon the ends of the earth.

4After it a noise shall roar, he shall thunder with the voice of his majesty, and shall not be found out, when his voice shall be heard.

5God shall thunder wonderfully with his voice, he that doth great and unsearchable things.

6He commandeth the snow to go down upon the earth, and the winter rain, and the shower of his strength.

7He sealeth up the hand of all men, that every one may know his works.

8Then the beast shall go into his covert, and shall abide in his den.

9Out of the inner parts shall a tempest come, and cold out of the north.

10When God bloweth there cometh frost, and again the waters are poured out abundantly.

11Corn desireth clouds, and the clouds spread their light :

12Which go round about, whithersoever the will of him that governeth them shall lead them, to whatsoever he shall command them upon the face of the whole earth :

13Whether in one tribe, or in his own land, or in what place soever of his mercy he shall command them to be found.

14Hearken to these things, Job : Stand, and consider the wondrous works of God.

15Dost thou know when God commanded the rains, to shew his light of his clouds?

16Knowest thou the great paths of the clouds, and the perfect knowledges?

17Are not thy garments hot, when the south wind blows upon the earth?

18Thou perhaps hast made the heavens with him, which are most strong, as if they were of molten brass.

19Shew us what we may say to him : for we are wrapped up in darkness.

20Who shall tell him the things I speak? even if a man shall speak, he shall be swallowed up.

21But now they see not the light : the air on a sudden shall be thickened into clouds, and the wind shall pass and drive them away.

22Cold cometh out of the north, and to God praise with fear.

23We cannot find him worthily : he is great in strength, and in judgment, and in justice, and he is ineffable.

24Therefore men shall fear him, and all that seem to themselves to be wise, shall not dare to behold him.

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