Numbers 35:7
The total number of cities you give the Levites will be forty-eight, with their corresponding pasturelands.
Cross References
Numbers 35:2
"Command the Israelites to give, from the inheritance they will possess, cities for the Levites to live in and pasturelands around the cities.

Joshua 21:41
So in all there were forty-eight cities for the Levites, along with their pasturelands, within the territory of the Israelites.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 21:3-42
So by the command of the LORD, the Israelites gave the Levites these cities and their pasturelands out of their own inheritance: . . .

1 Chronicles 6:54-81
Now these were the territories assigned to the descendants of Aaron from the Kohathite clan for their settlements, because the first lot fell to them: . . .

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