Psalm 21
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After the Battle
(Proverbs 21:1–31)

1Unto the end. A Psalm of David. In your virtue, Lord, the king will rejoice, and over your salvation, he will exult exceedingly.

2You have granted him the desire of his heart, and you have not cheated him of the wish of his lips.

3For you have gone ahead of him with blessings of sweetness. You have placed a crown of precious stones on his head.

4He petitioned you for life, and you have granted him length of days, in the present time, and forever and ever.

5Great is his glory in your salvation. Glory and great adornment, you will lay upon him.

6For you will give him as a blessing forever and ever. You will make him rejoice with gladness in your presence.

7Because the king hopes in the Lord, and in the mercy of the Most High, he will not be disturbed.

8May your hand be found by all your enemies. May your right hand discover all those who hate you.

9You will make them like an oven of fire, in the time of your presence. The Lord will stir them up with his wrath, and fire will devour them.

10You will destroy their fruit from the earth and their offspring from the sons of men.

11For they have turned evils upon you; they have devised plans, which they have not been able to accomplish.

12For you will make them turn their back; with your remnants, you will prepare their countenance.

13Be exalted, Lord, by your own power. We will play music and sing psalms to your virtues.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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