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... Herod fortified it, and called it Antonia in honour of his friend Mark Antony.
It was of great size, and commanded the temple. ...ANTONIA. ...
/a/antonia.htm - 7k

Gabbatha (1 Occurrence)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary Gab Baitha, ie, "the ridge of the house" = "the
temple-mound," on a part of which the fortress of Antonia was built. ...
/g/gabbatha.htm - 8k

Praetorium (8 Occurrences)
... where Jesus was brought to trial has been traditionally located in the neighborhood
of the present Turkish barracks where once stood the Antonia and where was ...
/p/praetorium.htm - 14k

... Claudius xxviii; Victor, epitome iv, 8); but there is stronger evidence in support
of the belief that Felix was a freedman of Antonia, Claudius' mother, like ...
/p/procurator.htm - 13k

Arrest (22 Occurrences)
... are divided as to where Pilate resided when in Jerusalem, whether in the magnificent
palace built by Herod the Great, or in the castle of Antonia; as to where ...
/a/arrest.htm - 45k

Trial (45 Occurrences)
... are divided as to where Pilate resided when in Jerusalem, whether in the magnificent
palace built by Herod the Great, or in the castle of Antonia; as to where ...
/t/trial.htm - 52k


/a/antonius.htm - 10k

Antiquity (8 Occurrences)

/a/antiquity.htm - 9k

... In the castle of Antonia Peter was thus closely secured, in order that Herod, who
had already killed James, the brother of John, with the sword (Acts 12:2 ...
/q/quaternion.htm - 8k

Judgment (430 Occurrences)
... Comp. Acts 23:35). Pilate's official residence when he was in Jerusalem
was probably a part of the fortress of Antonia. The trial ...
/j/judgment.htm - 52k

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(from Marc Antony) (a square stone fortress or castle adjoining the northwest corner of the temple area at Jerusalem. There was a tower at each corner. It was rebuilt by Herod the Great, and named by him from Marc Antony. From the stairs of this castle Paul addressed the multitude who had assaulted him (Acts 21:31-40) --ED.)

ATS Bible Dictionary

A square fortress on the east side of Jerusalem, north of the temple area, with which it had a covered communication. There was a tower at each corner, and it was isolated by high walls and trenches. It was rebuilt by Herod the Great, and named after Mark Antony. Josephus often speaks of it. It was "the castle" from which soldiers came down to rescue Paul from the Jews in the temple; and from its stairs he addressed the multitude, Acts 21:31-40.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
A fortress in Jerusalem, at the north-west corner of the temple area. It is called "the castle" (Acts 21:34, 37). From the stairs of this castle Paul delivered his famous speech to the multitude in the area below (Acts 22:1-21). It was originally a place in which were kept the vestments of the high priest. Herod fortified it, and called it Antonia in honour of his friend Mark Antony. It was of great size, and commanded the temple. It was built on a plateau of rock, separated on the north from the hill Bezetha by a ditch about 30 feet deep and 165 feet wide.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

an-to'-ni-a. See JERUSALEM.

304. anabathmos -- a going up, an ascent
... a step, a flight of steps Definition: a step, a flight of steps; the well-known
stairs leading up from the temple to the tower of Antonia at Jerusalem. ...
// - 6k

3925. parembole -- to put in beside or between, interpose
... From a compound of para and emballo; a throwing in beside (juxtaposition), ie
(specially), battle-array, encampment or barracks (tower Antonia) -- army, camp ...
// - 6k


How Titus Gave Orders to Demolish the Tower of Antonia and Then ...
... CHAPTER 2. How Titus Gave Orders To Demolish The Tower Of Antonia And Then
Persuaded Josephus To Exhort The Jews Again [To A Surrender]. ...
/.../chapter 2 how titus gave.htm

That the Miseries Still Grew Worse; and How the Romans Made an ...
... CHAPTER 1. That The Miseries Still Grew Worse; And How The Romans Made An
Assault Upon The Tower Of Antonia. 1. Thus did the miseries ...
/.../chapter 1 that the miseries.htm

Concerning Bernice's Petition to Florus, to Spare the Jews, but in ...
... and thrust the multitude through the place called Bezetha, [23] as they forced their
way, in order to get in and seize upon the temple, and the tower Antonia. ...
/.../chapter 15 concerning bernices petition.htm

Titus when the Jews were not at all Mollified by his Leaving Off ...
... the fifth day, when no signs of peace appeared to come from the Jews, Titus divided
his legions, and began to raise banks, both at the tower of Antonia and at ...
/.../chapter 9 titus when the.htm

The Empress Theodora
... According to this story, Justinian and Belisarius, two young men and intimate friends,
encountered one day two sisters, Antonia and Antonina, sprung from the ...
/.../brittain/women of early christianity/xi the empress theodora.htm

The Description of Jerusalem.
... which they called "Gennath," which belonged to the first wall; it only encompassed
the northern quarter of the city, and reached as far as the tower Antonia. ...
/.../chapter 4 the description of.htm

A Description of the Temple.
... of the outmost court] were in breadth thirty cubits, while the entire compass of
it was by measure six furlongs, including the tower of Antonia; those entire ...
/.../chapter 5 a description of 2.htm

Some Buildings in Acra. Bezeiha. Millo.
... There was also a fourth hill, saith the same Josephus, "which was called Bezetha,
situate over-against Antonia, and divided from it with a deep ditch. ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 24 some buildings in.htm

The Morning of Good Friday.
... But in Jerusalem there were two such quarters: the fortress Antonia, and the
magnificent Palace of Herod at the north-western angle of the Upper City. ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter xiv the morning of.htm

How the Samaritans Made a Tumult and Pilate Destroyed Many of Them ...
... the custody of the priests in the temple, which power they used to have formerly,
although at this time they were laid up in the tower of Antonia, the citadel ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 4 how the samaritans.htm



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