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Allegorically (2 Occurrences)

Galatians 4:24 which things are allegorized, for these are the two covenants: one, indeed, from mount Sinai, to servitude bringing forth, which is Hagar;
(See NAS)

Revelation 11:8 and their dead bodies 'are' upon the broad-place of the great city (that is called spiritually Sodom, and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified,)
(See RSV)

Allegorically (2 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Allegorically (2 Occurrences). Galatians 4:24 which
things are allegorized, for these are the two covenants ...
/a/allegorically.htm - 7k

Faint (76 Occurrences)
... Ezekiel uses it allegorically as describing the withering of the trees for
grief at the death of the Assyrian kings (Ezekiel 31:15). ...
/f/faint.htm - 38k

Pekod (2 Occurrences)
... It is the opinion, however, of some that this word signifies "visitation," "punishment,"
and allegorically "designates Babylon as the city which was to be ...
/p/pekod.htm - 7k

Allegory (6 Occurrences)
... Used only in Galatians 4:24, where the apostle refers to the history of Isaac the
free-born, and Ishmael the slave-born, and makes use of it allegorically. ...
/a/allegory.htm - 14k

Allegorical (1 Occurrence)

/a/allegorical.htm - 6k

Allegories (2 Occurrences)

/a/allegories.htm - 7k

Hagar (15 Occurrences)
... Ishmael afterwards established himself in the wilderness of Paran, where he married
an Egyptian (Genesis 21:20, 21). "Hagar" allegorically represents the ...
/h/hagar.htm - 22k

Spiritually (8 Occurrences)
... of the Spirit is to be spiritually-minded (compare the King James Version and the
Revised Version (British and American) Romans 8:6). Allegorically used also ...
/s/spiritually.htm - 9k

Rock (176 Occurrences)
... SPIRITUAL ROCK. (pneumatike petra): Having a spiritual significance: supernatural,
manifesting the power of the Divine Spirit; allegorically applied to Christ ...
/r/rock.htm - 49k

Locust (25 Occurrences)
... plague of locusts. Commentators differ as to whether it should be interpreted
literally or allegorically (see JOEL). Four names ...
/l/locust.htm - 34k

238. allegoreo -- to speak allegorically
... to speak allegorically. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: allegoreo Phonetic
Spelling: (al-lay-gor-eh'-o) Short Definition: I speak allegorically Definition ...
// - 6k

897. Babulon -- "gate of god(s)," Babylon, a large city situated ...
... Babylon Definition: (a) Babylon, the ancient city on the Euphrates, to which the
people of Jerusalem, etc., were transported, (b) hence allegorically of Rome ...
// - 7k

2419. Ierousalem -- Jerusalem, the capital of united Isr. and ...
... er-oo-sal-ame') Short Definition: Jerusalem Definition: (Aramaic form), Jerusalem,
the capital of Palestine: hence Judaism, and allegorically, Christendom, the ...
// - 7k

1858. heortazo -- to be like
... heortazo Phonetic Spelling: (heh-or-tad'-zo) Short Definition: I keep a feast
Definition: I take part in a festival, keep a feast (allegorically). ...
// - 5k


It was once Usual, in Speaking Allegorically, to Conceal under ...
... Book V. 41 It was once usual, in speaking allegorically, to conceal under
perfectly decent ideas� It was once usual, in speaking ...
/.../the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/41 it was once usual.htm

Either, Then, they must all have Been Written and Put Forward ...
... Book V. 38 Either, then, they must all have been written and put forward
allegorically... [4520] These are all written allegorically, you say. ...
/.../the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/38 either then they must.htm

But if You Come to the Conclusion that These Fables have Been ...
... Book V. 44 But if you come to the conclusion that these fables have been
written allegorically� But if you come to the conclusion ...
/.../arnobius/the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/44 but if you come.htm

He Contends that These Testimonies Already Alleged Cannot be ...
... Against Heresies: Book V Chapter XXXV."He contends that these testimonies already
alleged cannot be understood allegorically of celestial blessings, but that ...
/.../irenaeus/against heresies/chapter xxxv he contends that these.htm

Monoimus on the Sabbath; Allegorizes the Rod of Moses; Notion ...
... rod was changeably brandished for the (introduction of the) plagues throughout Egypt
[934] "now these plagues, he says, are allegorically expressed symbols ...
/.../the refutation of all heresies/chapter vii monoimus on the sabbath.htm

In the Next Place, as it is his Object to Slander Our Scriptures.. ...
... He would not even have it appear that the words were used allegorically, although
he says afterwards, that "the more modest among Jews and Christians are ...
/.../origen/origen against celsus/chapter xxxviii in the next.htm

The Ecclesiastical Writers. By "The Fathers" we Understand the ...
... By the serpent which deceived Eve, according to Clement, "pleasure, an earthly vice
which creeps upon the belly, is allegorically represented." [374:1] Moses ...
/.../killen/the ancient church/chapter i the ecclesiastical writers.htm

The Seven Books of Arnobius Against the Heathen
... 37 Let us examine, then, what is said in this way.� 38 Either, then, they
must all have been written and put forward allegorically...
/.../arnobius/the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/

The Holy War,
... That the 'Holy War' allegorically represents Bunyan's personal feelings, is clearly
declared by him in the poetical Introduction or Address to the Reader ...
/.../bunyan/the works of john bunyan volumes 1-3/the holy war.htm

Excerpts of Theodotus;
... genera and their species are produced, are called abysses; since you would not call
the water alone the abyss, although matter is allegorically called water ...
/.../theodotus/excerpts of theodotus/excerpts of theodotus.htm



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