Mark 8:13
And he left them, and entering into the ship again departed to the other side.
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(13-21) See Notes on Matthew 16:4-12.

8:11-21 Obstinate unbelief will have something to say, though ever so unreasonable. Christ refused to answer their demand. If they will not be convinced, they shall not. Alas! what cause we have to lament for those around us, who destroy themselves and others by their perverse and obstinate unbelief, and enmity to the gospel! When we forget the works of God, and distrust him, we should chide ourselves severely, as Christ here reproves his disciples. How is it that we so often mistake his meaning, disregard his warnings, and distrust his providence?Sighed deeply in his spirit - His heart was deeply affected at their wickedness and hypocrisy. The word "spirit" here is taken as the seat of the emotions, passions, affections. He drew groans deeply from his breast.

No sign be given - That is, no such sign as they asked, to wit, a sign "from heaven." He said a sign should be given, the same as was furnished by Jonas, Matthew 16:4. But this was not what they "asked," nor would it be given "because" they asked it.

13. And he left them—no doubt with tokens of displeasure.

and entering into the ship again, departed to the other side.

The Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees (Mr 8:14-21).

See Poole on "Mark 8:10" And he left them,.... As a perverse and hardened generation of men, and as such with whom it was not worth while to discourse:

and entering into the ship again; which brought him over, and waited for him:

departed to the other side; of the sea of Galilee, towards Bethsaida, Mark 8:22.

And he left them, and entering into the ship again departed to the other side.
Mark 8:13-21. Warning against evil leavens (Matthew 16:4-12).13. he left them] “Justa severitas,” Bengel. “It was His final rejection on the very spot where He had laboured most, and He was leaving it, to return, indeed, for a passing visit, but never to appear again publicly, or to teach, or work miracles.”

the other side] i. e. the eastern side of the Lake.Verse 13. - And he left them, and again embarking - ἐμβὰς for ἐμβὰς εἰς τὸ πλοῖον - departed to the other side. Again and again our Lord crossed this sea, that he might instruct the Galileans dwelling on either side; in fulfillment of Isaiah 9:1, "The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali,... by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, in Galilee of the nations. The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light."
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