Mark 10:43
But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister:
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(43) Shall be your minister.—Substantially the same as in St. Matthew, but note in both verses the variation, “shall be your minister,” “shall be servant,” instead of “let him be.”

10:32-45 Christ's going on with his undertaking for the salvation of mankind, was, is, and will be, the wonder of all his disciples. Worldly honour is a glittering thing, with which the eyes of Christ's own disciples have many times been dazzled. Our care must be, that we may have wisdom and grace to know how to suffer with him; and we may trust him to provide what the degrees of our glory shall be. Christ shows them that dominion was generally abused in the world. If Jesus would gratify all our desires, it would soon appear that we desire fame or authority, and are unwilling to taste of his cup, or to have his baptism; and should often be ruined by having our prayers answered. But he loves us, and will only give his people what is good for them.See the notes at Matthew 20:20-28.

Mark 10:35

And James and John ...came unto him - They did this through the instrumentality of their mother. They did not come in "person," but they got their mother to make the request for them. Compare the notes at Matthew 20:20.

43. But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister—a subordinate servant. See Poole on "Mark 10:42"

But so shall it not be among you,.... Or "so let it not be", as in many copies; or as the Persic version renders it, "it ought not to be so among you"; such a lordly spirit does not become you; this is heathenish:

but whosoever will be great among you shall be, as in Matthew "let him", Matthew 20:26, be

your minister. This was just the reverse of what the two disciples were seeking for; they were indeed for being ministers but then they were for being prime ministers of state; and would have had all the rest subject to them and attendants on them to be sent out and employed as they should think fit: whereas the only way to preferment and greatness in Christ's kingdom, or rather Gospel church state, is to labour, in the work, of the ministry more abundantly than others; to take great pains and endure great hardships in order to bring great glory to God, and do great good to the souls of men; See Gill on Matthew 20:26.

But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister:
Mark 10:43. ἐστιν (W.H[99]), is; the “is” not of actual fact, but of the ideal state of things.

[99] Westcott and Hort.

Verses 43, 44. - In these words our Lord enjoins him who is raised above others to conduct himself modestly and humbly; so as not to lord it over those beneath him, but to consider for them and to consult their security and happiness, and so to conduct himself that he may appear to be rather their minister and servant than their lord; ever remembering the golden rule, "All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, even so do to them." At the same time, our Lord here teaches all alike, whether superiors or inferiors, by what way we should strive to reach heaven, so as to sit at the right or left hand of Christ in his kingdom, namely, by the way of humility. For those who are the lowliest and most humble here will be the greatest and most exalted there. Mark 10:43Minister

See on Mark 9:35.

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