Luke 9:35
And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.
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(35) This is my beloved Son.—The better MSS. give “chosen.” (Comp. the use of a like word in 1Peter 2:4; 1Peter 2:6.) Assuming this to have been the original reading, the “beloved” of the received text must have originated in the wish to produce a verbal as well as a substantial agreement with the other Gospels.

9:28-36 Christ's transfiguration was a specimen of that glory in which he will come to judge the world; and was an encouragement to his disciples to suffer for him. Prayer is a transfiguring, transforming duty, which makes the face to shine. Our Lord Jesus, even in his transfiguration, was willing to speak concerning his death and sufferings. In our greatest glories on earth, let us remember that in this world we have no continuing city. What need we have to pray to God for quickening grace, to make us lively! Yet that the disciples might be witnesses of this sign from heaven, after awhile they became awake, so that they were able to give a full account of what passed. But those know not what they say, that talk of making tabernacles on earth for glorified saints in heaven.Heavy with sleep - Borne down with sleep - oppressed, overcome with sleep. It may seem remarkable that they should fall asleep on such an occasion; but we are to bear in mind that this may have been in the night, and that they were weary with the toils of the day. Besides, they did not "fall asleep" while the transfiguration lasted. While Jesus was praying, or perhaps after he closed, they fell asleep. "While" they were sleeping his countenance was changed, and Moses and Elias appeared. The first that "they" saw of it was after they awoke, having been probably awakened by the shining of the light around them.35. my beloved Son … hear him—reverentially, implicitly, alone.Ver. 35. See Poole on "Luke 9:28"

And there came, a voice out of the cloud,.... See Gill on Matthew 17:5. And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.
Luke 9:35. ἐκλελεγμένος, the reading of [93] [94] [95], is to be preferred, because ἀγαπητός, T. R., is conformed to that in the parallels; here only in N. T.

[93] Codex Sinaiticus (sæc. iv.), now at St. Petersburg, published in facsimile type by its discoverer, Tischendorf, in 1862.

[94] Codex Vaticanus (sæc. iv.), published in photographic facsimile in 1889 under the care of the Abbate Cozza-Luzi.

[95] Codex Regius--eighth century, represents an ancient text, and is often in agreement with א and B.

35. a voice out of the cloud] 2 Peter 1:17-18. As in two other instances in our Lord’s ministry, Luke 3:22; John 12:28. The other Synoptists add that at this Voice they fell prostrate, and, on Jesus touching them, suddenly raised their eyes and looked all around them, to find no one there but Jesus.

my beloved Son] Rather, my chosen Son (eklelegmenos, א, B, L). Cf. Isaiah 13:1.

Verse 35. - And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him. The reading here of the older authorities must be adopted. Instead of the voice out of the cloud saying, "This is my beloved Son," we must substitute," This is my Elect." As SS. Matthew and Mark both read, "my beloved Son," we have here another of the many proofs that each of the three records of the Transfiguration is a distinct and separate memory of itself. The voice was evidently for the disciples - one more help for them in their present and future struggle against the cold and chilling doubts which ever and again would be suggested to them by the enemy of human souls, with a view to marring their present training, their future mighty missionary work. Luke 9:35
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