Luke 12:52
For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
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12:41-53 All are to take to themselves what Christ says in his word, and to inquire concerning it. No one is left so ignorant as not to know many things to be wrong which he does, and many things to be right which he neglects; therefore all are without excuse in their sin. The bringing in the gospel dispensation would occasion desolations. Not that this would be the tendency of Christ's religion, which is pure, peaceable, and loving; but the effect of its being contrary to men's pride and lusts. There was to be a wide publication of the gospel. But before that took place, Christ had a baptism to be baptized with, far different from that of water and the Holy Spirit. He must endure sufferings and death. It agreed not with his plan to preach the gospel more widely, till this baptism was completed. We should be zealous in making known the truth, for though divisions will be stirred up, and a man's own household may be his foes, yet sinners will be converted, and God will be glorified.See the notes at Matthew 10:34-36. 51. peace … ? Nay, &c.—the reverse of peace, in the first instance. (See on [1652]Mt 10:34-36.) The connection of all this with the foregoing warnings about hypocrisy, covetousness, and watchfulness, is deeply solemn: "My conflict hasten apace; Mine over, yours begins; and then, let the servants tread in their Master's steps, uttering their testimony entire and fearless, neither loving nor dreading the world, anticipating awful wrenches of the dearest ties in life, but looking forward, as I do, to the completion of their testimony, when, reaching the haven after the tempest, they shall enter into the joy of their Lord." See Poole on "Luke 12:51"

For from henceforth there shall be five in one house,.... Which are the five following, mentioned in the next verse; the father and the son, the mother and the daughter, and her daughter-in-law, or son's wife; for the mother and mother-in-law are one and the same person, only standing in different relations; as a mother to her own daughter, and a mother-in-law to her son's wife, or to her husband's daughter by his first wife; though the former best answers to the word used: now from the time of Christ's saying these words, or quickly after this, immediately upon his baptism of sufferings, or soon after his death, when the Gospel should be preached more publicly and extensively, this should be the effect of it; that supposing a family consisting of the above number, they should be

divided from one another, in the following manner:

three against two, and two against three; three that did not believe in Christ, against two that did believe in him; or two that did not believe, against three that did; or three that did, against two that did not; or two that did, against three that did not. The Ethiopic version reads, "two shall be separated from three, and one shall be separated from two".

For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
Luke 12:52. τρεῖς ἐπὶ δυσὶν, etc.: three against two and two against three; five in all, not six though three pairs are mentioned, mother and mother-in-law (μήτηρ and πενθερὰ) being the same person. This way of putting it is doubtless due to Lk.—ἐπὶ with dative = contra, only here in N.T.; κατὰ with genitive in Mt.

Luke 12:52. Πέντε, five) The Father, the Mother, the Son, the Daughter, and the Daughter-in-law. The Son-in-law is not added; for he constitutes a different household [as its head].—τρεῖς ἐπὶ δυσὶ, three against [or upon, ‘super,’ ueber, Germ.] two) Numbers most suitable to form the division of the household.

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