Acts 21:36
For the multitude of the people followed after, crying, Away with him.
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(36) Away with him.—We remember that the self-same cry had been raised at the time of the Crucifixion (Luke 23:18; John 19:15), and that it was used now with the same meaning with which it had been used then.

21:27-40 In the temple, where Paul should have been protected as in a place of safety, he was violently set upon. They falsely charged him with ill doctrine and ill practice against the Mosaic ceremonies. It is no new thing for those who mean honestly and act regularly, to have things laid to their charge which they know not and never thought of. It is common for the wise and good to have that charged against them by malicious people, with which they thought to have obliged them. God often makes those a protection to his people, who have no affection to them, but only have compassion for sufferers, and regard to the public peace. And here see what false, mistaken notions of good people and good ministers, many run away with. But God seasonably interposes for the safety of his servants, from wicked and unreasonable men; and gives them opportunities to speak for themselves, to plead for the Redeemer, and to spread abroad his glorious gospel.Away with him! - That is, to death. Compare Luke 23:18. 35, 36. Away with him—as before of his Lord (Lu 23:18; Joh 19:15). That is, Kill him; for that was indeed to take him out of their way. The same speech they used against our Saviour, Luke 23:18 John 19:15, when they desired his death.

For the multitude of the people followed after,.... The captain and the soldiers, who had taken away Paul from them, and were carrying him to the castle:

crying, away with him; or "take him away", that is, by death; or "lift him up", upon the cross, crucify him, crucify him, as they said concerning Christ.

For the multitude of the people followed after, crying, Away with him.
Acts 21:36. ἠκολούθει, imperfect, “kept following”.—Αἶρε αὐτόυ: the cry was continuous; it was the same cry which had been raised against another and a greater prisoner Who had been delivered to the Romans as a malefactor, cf. Luke 23:18, John 19:15, and also Polycarp, Martyr, iii., 19.

36. For … Away with him] The same cry which (Luke 23:18) was used by the Jews before Pilate in reference to Jesus.

Acts 21:36. Γὰρ, for) The violence and impetuosity of the people is evidenced by their cries.

Verse 36. - Crying out for crying, A.V. Away with him. The cry of those who thirsted for the blood of Jesus Christ (Luke 23:18; see also Acts 22:22, where the sense comes out fully). Acts 21:36
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