2 Chronicles 4:10
And he set the sea on the right side of the east end, over against the south.
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(10) And he set the sea . . .—Literally, And he set the sea on the right shoulder, eastward, in front of the southward; i.e., on the south-east side of the house (1Kings 7:39, b.). The LXX. and some MSS. add “of the house,” which appears to have fallen out of the text.

4:1-22 The furniture of the temple. - Here is a further account of the furniture of God's house. Both without doors and within, there was that which typified the grace of the gospel, and shadowed out good things to come, of which the substance is Christ. There was the brazen altar. The making of this was not mentioned in the book of Kings. On this all the sacrifices were offered, and it sanctified the gift. The people who worshipped in the courts might see the sacrifices burned. They might thus be led to consider the great Sacrifice, to be offered in the fulness of time, to take away sin, and put an end to death, which the blood of bulls and goats could not possibly do. And, with the smoke of the sacrifices, their hearts might ascend to heaven, in holy desires towards God and his favour. In all our devotions we must keep the eye of faith fixed upon Christ. The furniture of the temple, compared with that of the tabernacle, showed that God's church would be enlarged, and his worshippers multiplied. Blessed be God, there is enough in Christ for all.The number of the tables (see 2 Chronicles 4:19) and of the basins, is additional to the information contained in Kings. 7. ten candlesticks—(See on [416]1Ki 7:49). The increased number was not only in conformity with the characteristic splendor of the edifice, but also a standing emblem to the Hebrews, that the growing light of the word was necessary to counteract the growing darkness in the world [Lightfoot]. No text from Poole on this verse. See Introduction to Chapter 4 And he set the sea on the right side of the east end, over against the south.
10. the sea] See 2 Chronicles 4:2-5.

on the right side of the east end, over against the south] R.V. on the right side of the house eastward, toward the south; cp. 1 Kings 7:39.

11–18 (= 1 Kings 7:40-47). The Works of Huram

This section is taken from the parallel passage of 1 Kings. The variations are few.Verse 10. - The right side of the east end, over against the south (so also 1 Kings 7:39; comp. Exodus 30:18). The sea found its position, therefore, in the place of the tabernacle laver of old, between altar of brass and porch. It must be remembered that the entrance was east, but it was counted to a person standing with the back to the tabernacle or temple, as though he were, in fact, going out, not entering in, the sacred enclosure; therefore on the right side will be southward, as written in this verse. The brazen sea described as in 1 Kings 7:23-26. See the commentary on that passage, and the sketch in my Archaeol. i. plate iii. fig. 1. The differences in substance, such as the occurrence of בּקרים and הבּקר, 2 Chronicles 4:3, instead of פּקעים and הפּקים, and 3000 baths instead of 2000, are probably the result of orthographical errors in the Chronicle. יכיל in 2 Chronicles 4:5 appears superfluous after the preceding מחזיק, and Berth. considers it a gloss which has come from 1 Kings to our text by mistake. But the expression is only pleonastic: "receiving baths, 3000 it held;" and there is no sufficient reason to strike out the words.
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