Psalm 21
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

After the Battle
(Proverbs 21:1–31)

1To the chiefe musition, a psalme of Dauid. The kyng ought to reioyce in thy strength O God: and he ought to be exceedyng glad of thy saluation.

2Thou hast geuen him his heartes desire: and hast not denied him the request of his lippes. Selah.

3For thou hast preuented him with good blessinges: and hast set a crowne of pure golde vpon his head.

4He asked life of thee, and thou gauest him long dayes: euen for euer and euer.

5His honour is great through thy saluation: thou hast layde glorie and great worship vpon him.

6For thou hast placed him to be blessinges for euer: and hast made him glad with the ioy of thy countenaunce.

7Because the king trusteth in God, and in the mercie of the most highest: he shal not miscarie.

8Thine hande wyll finde out all thine enemies: thy right hande wyll finde out them that hate thee.

9Thou wilt make them like a burnyng furnace in tyme of thy furie: God wyll destroy them in his wrath, and fire shall consume them.

10Thou wilt roote their fruite out of the earth: and their seede from among the children of men.

11For they intended mischiefe agaynst thee, and imagined a craftie deuice: but they coulde not bring it to passe.

12Therfore thou wilt put them to flight: and direct thine arrowes agaynst their faces.

13Be thou exalted O God accordyng to thine owne might: so we wyll sing, and with psalmes we wyll prayse thy power.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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