1 Chronicles 3
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The Descendants of David
(2 Samuel 3:1–5)

1These were the sonnes of Dauid whiche were borne vnto him in Hebron: ye eldest, Ammon of Ahinoam the Iesraelitesse: the seconde, Daniel of Abigail the Carmelitesse: 2The thirde Absalom the sonne of Maacha, the daughter of Thalmai king of Gesur: the fourth, Adonia the sonne of Haggith: 3The fyft, Sephatia of Abital: the sixt, Iethream, by Egla his wyfe. 4These sixe were borne vnto him in Hebron, and there he raigned seuen yeres and sixe monethes: and in Hierusalem he raigned thirtie and three yeres. 5And these were borne vnto him in Hierusalem: Sima, Sobab, Nathan, and Solomo, foure, of Bathsua the daughter of Ammiel, 6Ibhar also and Elisama, Eliphelet, 7Noga, Nepheg, and Iephia, 8Elisama, Eliada, and Eliphelet: nine in number. 9These are all the sonnes of Dauid, beside the sonnes of the concubines: and Thamar was their sister.

The Descendants of Solomon

10Solomons sonne was Rehoboam, whose sonne was Abia, and Asa was his sonne, and Iehosaphat his sonne, 11Whose sonne was Ioram, & his sonne was Ahazia, and Ioas was his sonne, 12Amazia his sonne, Azariah his sonne, and Iotham his sonne, 13Ahaz was his sonne, Hezekia his sonne, and Manasse his sonne, 14And Amon was his sonne, and Iosia was his sonne. 15And the sonnes of Iosia, were: the eldest sonne Iohanan, the second Iehoakim, the thirde Zedekia, and the fourth Sallum. 16The sonnes of Iehoakim, were: Ieconiah his sonne, and Zedekiah his sonne.

The Royal Line After the Exile

17The sonne of Ieconiah: Assir, and Salathiel his sonne. 18Malchiram also and Pedaia, Senazar, Iecamia, Hosama, and Nedabia. 19The sonnes of Pedaia, were: Zorobabel, and Semei: The sonnes of Zorobabel, Mesullam, Hanania, and Selomith their sister: 20And Hasubah, Ohel, Berechia, Hasadia, and Iusabhesed, fiue in number. 21The sonnes of Hanania: Pelatia, and Iesaia: whose sonne was Rephaia, and his sonne Arnan, & his sonne was Obadia, and his sonne Sechania. 22The sonne of Sechania was, Semaia: and the sonnes of Semaia, were: Hattus, Igal, Bariah, Neariah, and Saphat, sixe. 23And the sonnes of Neariah, were: Elioenai, Hizciiah, and Azricam, three. 24And the sonnes of Elioenai, were: Hodauiahu, Eliasib, Pelaiah, Accub, Iohanam, Dalaia, and Anani, seuen.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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