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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(a.) Full of sorrow; expressing, or intended to express, sorrow; mourning; grieving; sad; also, causing sorrow; saddening; grievous; as, a mournful person; mournful looks, tones, loss.
4659. skuthropos -- with a gloomy look
... sad, gloomy. From skuthros (sullen) and a derivative of optanomai; angry-visaged,
ie Gloomy or affecting a mournful appearance -- of a sad countenance. ...
// - 6k
Strong's Hebrew
179. Obil -- overseer of David's camels
... Obil (1). Obil. Probably from 'abal; mournful; Obil, an Ishmaelite -- Obil.
see HEBREW 'abal. 178, 179. Obil. 180 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/179.htm - 6k

Seven Sanctified Thoughts and Mournful Sighs of a Sick Man Ready ...
SICK MAN READY TO DIE. Now, forasmuch as God of his infinite ...
/.../bayly/the practice of piety/seven sanctified thoughts and mournful.htm

A Mournful Exclamation and Lamentable Moan to God for the Small ...
... A mournful Exclamation and lamentable Moan to God for the Small Company of Souls
that arrive at Perfection, the Loving Union and the Divine Transformation. ...
/.../chap xxii a mournful exclamation.htm

He Then Wonderfully Displays the Eternal Life, which is Christ, to ...
... X. Section 2. He then wonderfully displays the Eternal Life, which is Christ, to
those who confess Him not, and applies to them the mournful lamentation of ...
/.../gregory of nyssa dogmatic treatises etc/section 2 he then wonderfully.htm

Psalm 90:1. LM Man Mortal, and God Eternal. A Mournful Song at a ...
... THE Psalms of David, In Metre. Psalm 90:1. LM Man mortal, and God eternal.
A mournful song at a funeral. 1 Thro' every age, eternal ...
// psalms of david/psalm 90 1 0 l m man.htm

A Glance at the Disciples of Jesus on Holy Saturday.
... a lamp which was hanging in the middle of the room, and they all assembled around
the Blessed Virgin, and commenced praying in a mournful but recollected manner ...
/.../the dolorous passion of our lord jesus christ/chapter lviii a glance at.htm

The Weeping Saviour.
... If even our less sensitive hearts may be wrung with emotion at the tidings of some
mournful catastrophe that occupies, after all, but some passing hour in the ...
/...// of bethany/xii the weeping saviour.htm

Argument: Octavius Attests the Fact that Men were Adopted as Gods ...
... Burial-Places of the Gods. Moreover He Sets Forth the Mournful Endings,
Misfortunes, and Deaths of the Gods. And, in Addition, He ...
/.../the octavius of minucius felix/chapter xxi argument octavius attests the.htm

The Embalming of the Body of Jesus.
... No precaution had been neglected which could in any way facilitate to her"the Mother
of Sorrows"in her deep affliction of soul, the mournful but most ...
/.../the dolorous passion of our lord jesus christ/chapter li the embalming of.htm

The Fear Felt by the Inhabitants of Jerusalem.
... bitter lamentations. Even the animals uttered mournful cries, and hid
themselves; the birds flew low, and fell to the ground. I ...
/.../the dolorous passion of our lord jesus christ/chapter xliv the fear felt.htm

The Saviour's Last Hours.
... Looking at the sad and mournful spectacle of the death of Christ, sur rounded as
He was by unfeeling enemies to the last moment, the watchful eye sees ...
/.../selected sermons of schleiermacher/xxv the saviours last hours.htm

Mournful (3 Occurrences)
... Full of sorrow; expressing, or intended to express, sorrow; mourning; grieving;
sad; also, causing sorrow; saddening; grievous; as, a mournful person; mournful...
/m/mournful.htm - 7k

Mourneth (14 Occurrences)

/m/mourneth.htm - 10k

Dove (27 Occurrences)
... 5:2 is another term of endearment, this time used in the dream of the bride (compare
Songs 6:9). Isaiah 38:14 has reference to the wailing, mournful dove note ...
/d/dove.htm - 28k

Howl (29 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (vi) To utter a loud, protracted, mournful
sound or cry, as dogs and wolves often do. 2. (vi) To utter ...
/h/howl.htm - 15k

Nehemiah (9 Occurrences)
... Through his brother Hanani, and perhaps from other sources (Nehemiah 1:2; 2:3),
he heard of the mournful and desolate condition of the Holy City, and was ...
/n/nehemiah.htm - 24k

Uriah (33 Occurrences)
... He was one of the band of David's "mighty men." The sad story of the curel wrongs
inflicted upon him by David and of his mournful death are simply told in the ...
/u/uriah.htm - 22k

Jasher (2 Occurrences)
... spake to the Lord at the crisis of the battle of Beth-horon (Joshua 10:12, 13);
and (2) "the Song of the Bow," that beautiful and touching mournful elegy which ...
/j/jasher.htm - 8k

Lunatick (2 Occurrences)
... These various words seem to be derived from the strange and fierce or mournful
cries uttered by the unfortunate victims of this dread malady. ...
/l/lunatick.htm - 9k

Lament (44 Occurrences)
... 3. (v.) Grief or sorrow expressed in complaints or cries; lamentation; a wailing;
a moaning; a weeping. 4. (n.) An elegy or mournful ballad, or the like. Int. ...
/l/lament.htm - 20k

Groan (32 Occurrences)
... 4. (n.) A low, moaning sound; usually, a deep, mournful sound uttered in pain or
great distress; sometimes, an expression of strong disapprobation; as, the ...
/g/groan.htm - 21k

Bible Concordance
Mournful (3 Occurrences)

Psalms 35:14 I behaved myself as though it had been my friend or my brother: I bowed down mourning, as one that bewaileth his mother.
(See JPS)

Daniel 6:20 And when he came near unto the den, he cried with a mournful voice unto Daniel: the king spoke and said unto Daniel, O Daniel, servant of the living God, hath thy God whom thou servest continually been able to save thee from the lions?

Micah 2:4 In that day they will take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, saying,'We are utterly ruined! My people's possession is divided up. Indeed he takes it from me and assigns our fields to traitors!'"
(See NIV)



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