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tri-klin'-ti-um (Latin from Greek triklinion, from tri and kline, "a couch"): A couch for reclining at meals among the ancient Romans, arranged along three sides of a square, the fourth side being left open for bringing in food or tables, when these were used. In the larger Roman houses the dining-rooms consisted of small alcoves in the atrium arranged to receive triclinia. In early Old Testament times people sat at their meals (Genesis 27:19 Judges 19:6 1 Samuel 20:5 1 Kings 13:20). Reclining was a luxurious habit imported from foreign countries by the degenerate aristocracy in the days of the later prophets (Amos 2:8; Amos 6:4). Still, we find it common in New Testament times (Matthew 9:10; Matthew 26:7 Mark 6:22, 39; Mark 14:3, 18 Luke 5:29; Luke 7:36, 37; 14:10; 17:7 John 12:2; in these passages, though English Versions of the Bible read "sat," the Greek words are anakeimai, sunanakeimai, anapipto, katakeimai and anaklino, all indicating "reclining"; compare John 13:23; 21:20; here the King James Version translates these words "lean," probably with reference to the Jewish custom of leaning at the Passover feast). In John 2:8, 9 the ruler or governor of the feast is called architriklinos, that is, the master of the triclinium.


Nathan Isaacs


While Vergilius, Going Slowly, was Thinking of These Things...
... a love scene. It was to occur in the triclinium, or great banquet-hall,
of a palace"that of the Lady Lucia. There were portrait ...
/...// 7 while vergilius going.htm

Arria Met them in the Atrium. ...
... She wore a tunic of the color of violets, with not a jewel. Now she led
her lover to a heap of yellow cushions in the triclinium. ...
// 10 arria met them.htm

Last Week of Jesus.
... must remember that the feet of the guests were not, as amongst us, concealed under
the table, but extended on a level with the body on the divan, or triclinium ...
// life of jesus/chapter xxiii last week of.htm

The Woman which was a Sinner
... an antechamber, [2700] and by the open door, passed the figure of a woman into the
festive reception-room and dining-hall - the Teraglin (triclinium) of the ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter xxi the woman which.htm

Fresh Troubles
... Fifthly, he has taken possession of marble pillars which had been prepared for the
church, and has used them for the adornment of his own triclinium. ...
/.../chapter xxxviii fresh troubles.htm

Plans of Marriage
... But when he was the guest of Manlius Theodoras, fronting the dim blue mountains
of lake Como, framed in the high windows of the triclinium, he did not think ...
// augustin/iv plans of marriage.htm

Homilies of St. John Chrysostom,
... p. 111. [That the three tables arranged as a hollow squire (triclinium) should be
sometimes converted into a semicircle would be a natural piece of luxury, but ...
/.../homilies of st john chrysostom 2.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A couch for reclining at meals, extending round three sides of a table, and usually in three parts.

2. (n.) A dining room furnished with such a triple couch.

... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. TRICLINIUM. ... In John 2:8, 9 the ruler or governor
of the feast is called architriklinos, that is, the master of the triclinium. ...
/t/triclinium.htm - 8k

Tricks (9 Occurrences)

/t/tricks.htm - 9k

Banquet (58 Occurrences)
... The custom of reclining at meals (see MEALS; TRICLINIUM, etc.) was everywhere in
vogue among the well-to-do in Christ's day, even in the case of the ordinary ...
/b/banquet.htm - 36k

Tried (96 Occurrences)

/t/tried.htm - 33k

Highest (58 Occurrences)
... Luke 19:38); protoklisia, "the first reclining-place" (at table), the chief place
at meals, the middle place in each couch of the triclinium (Robinson), is ...
/h/highest.htm - 27k

Reclining (25 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. RECLINING. re-klin'-ing (John 13:23). See MEALS,
III; TRICLINIUM. Multi-Version Concordance Reclining (25 Occurrences). ...
/r/reclining.htm - 14k



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