1 Corinthians 5
Wycliffe's Bible
1Yet all manner of fornication is heard among you, and such fornication, which is not among heathen men (which is not even seen among the Gentiles), so that some man have the wife of his father. 2And ye be swollen, (or blown), with pride, and not more had wailing, that he that did this work, be taken away from the middle of you.

3And I absent in body, but present in spirit, now have deemed (now have judged), as (if I were) present, him that hath thus wrought, 4when ye be gathered together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and my spirit, with the virtue of the Lord Jesus (with the power of the Lord Jesus), 5to betake such a man to Satan, into the perishing of flesh, that the spirit be safe in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. (to deliver such a man unto Satan, into the perishing of the flesh, so that his spirit be saved on the Day of our Lord Jesus Christ.)

6Your glorying is not good. Know ye not, that a little sourdough impaireth, (or corrupteth), all the gobbet? (Your boasting, or your pride, is not good. Know ye not, that a little yeast corrupteth all the piece?) 7Cleanse ye out the old sourdough, (so) that ye be (a) new sprinkling together, as ye be therf, (or without souring, or unleavened). For Christ offered is our pask [Forsooth Christ is offered our pask] (For the sacrificed Messiah is our Passover). 8Therefore eat we, not in old sourdough, neither in sourdough of malice and waywardness, but in therf things of clearness, and of truth. (And so, let us not eat the old yeast, yea, the yeast of malice and wickedness, but the unleavened things of sincerity, and of truth.)

9I wrote to you in an epistle, that ye be not meddled, (or mingled, or that ye commune not), with lechers, 10not with (the) lechers of this world, nor with covetous men, nor raveners, nor with men serving to maumets, (or to idols), else ye should have gone out of this world (or else ye would have had to have gone out of this world). 11But now I have written to you, that ye be not meddled, (or mingled, or commune not with such). If he that is named a brother among you, and is a lecher, or covetous, or serving to idols, or a curser, or full of drunkenness, or a ravener, to take no meat with such (to have no meals, or to eat no food, with such men). 12For what is it to me to deem of them that be withoutforth? Whether ye deem not of things, (or of them), that be withinforth? (For why should I judge those who be outside of us? Ye should judge those who be inside with us.) 13For God shall deem them that be withoutforth (And God shall judge those who be outside of us). Do ye away evil from yourselves.


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Wycliffe’s New Testament
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A modern-spelling edition of their
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