Psalms 67
Hebrew OT: WLC Transliterated

1lam·na·tzech bin·gi·not miz·mo·vr shir. e·lo·him ye·chan·ne·nu vi·va·re·che·nu; ya·'er pa·nav it·ta·nu se·lah.

2la·da·'at ba·'a·retz dar·ke·cha; be·chol-go·v·yim ye·shu·'a·te·cha.

3yo·v·du·cha am·mim e·lo·him; yo·v·du·cha am·mim kul·lam.

4yis·me·chu vi·ran·ne·nu le·'um·mim ki-tish·pot am·mim mi·sho·vr; u·le·'um·mim ba·'a·retz tan·chem se·lah.

5yo·v·du·cha am·mim e·lo·him; yo·v·du·cha am·mim kul·lam.

6e·retz na·te·nah ye·vu·lah; ye·va·re·che·nu e·lo·him e·lo·hei·nu.

7ye·va·re·che·nu e·lo·him; ve·yi·re·'u o·tov kol-af·sei-a·retz.

Hebrew OT: WLC Transliterated

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