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Son of Sirach Wisdom of Jesus



Of the Birth of Jesus in the Spirit and in the Flesh: of Spirits ...
... [552] Ecclus. xxiv. 5-7. This book is attributed to Solomon by many of the Fathers,
though it bears the title of the Wisdom of Jesus the son of Sirach. ...
/.../lactantius/the divine institutes/chap viii of the birth of.htm

Concerning Scripture .
... and the Wisdom of Jesus, which was published in Hebrew by the father of Sirach,
and afterwards translated into Greek by his grandson, Jesus, the Son of Sirach. ...
/.../john/exposition of the orthodox faith/chapter xvii concerning scripture.htm

The Samaritan and Alexandrian Canons.
... The Wisdom of Jesus, son of Sirach has not the doctrine of immortality. Death is
there an eternal sleep, and retribution takes place in this life. ...
/.../davidson/the canon of the bible/chapter iii the samaritan and.htm

The Old Faith Preparing for the New - Development of Hellenist ...
... the Apocrypha were originally written in Greek, except 1 Macc., Judith, part of
Baruch, probably Tobit, and, of course, the Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach.'. ...
/.../edersheim/the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter iii the old faith.htm

Ancient Versions of the Old Testament.
... When the translator of the Wisdom of Jesus, son of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus), says
in his prologue, in immediate connection with his residence and labors in Egypt ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/chapter xvi ancient versions of.htm

Appendix. The Apocryphal Books of the Old Testament.
... VI. ECCLESIASTICUS. 15. The Greek title of this book is, The Wisdom of Jesus
the son of Sirach, or more briefly: The Wisdom of Sirach. ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/appendix the apocryphal books of.htm

The Difference Between not Being "Sufficient" and not Being " ...
... However much we take into our minds there are still left things not yet understood;
for, as we read in the wisdom of Jesus, son of Sirach, [4913] "When a man ...
/.../origens commentary on the gospel of john/20 the difference between not.htm

Opposition to Jesus.
... came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon ... Many men
before or during the time of Jesus, such as Jesus, son of Sirach (one of ...
/.../renan/the life of jesus/chapter xx opposition to jesus.htm

The First Sayings of Jesus --His Ideas of a Divine Father and of a ...
... more modern sages, especially those of Antigonus of Soco, Jesus, son of Sirach,
and Hillel ... to them."[4] But this old, though somewhat selfish wisdom, did not ...
/...// life of jesus/chapter v the first sayings.htm

Books not Included in the Hebrew Canon.
... 3. WISDOM OF JESUS, SON OF SIRACH. In cod. B the title of this book is
simply Sophia Seirach [583] , but codd. AC give the fuller ...
/.../chapter iii books not included.htm

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