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Strong's Hebrew
3734a. kor -- kor (a measure)
... kor (a measure). Transliteration: kor Short Definition: kors. Word Origin from the
same as kar Definition kor (a measure) NASB Word Usage kor (1), kors (7). ...
/hebrew/3734a.htm - 5k

3734b. kor -- kor (a measure of wheat)
kor or kor. 3734a, 3734b. kor or kor. 3735 . kor (a measure of wheat).
Transliteration: kor or kor Short Definition: kors. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/3734b.htm - 5k


Again, on a Certain Day, He Went Forth into the Field...
... And at last it came to pass that He Himself reaped it, and gathered as the produce
of it three kors, [1679] and gave it to His numerous acquaintances. [1680]. ...
/.../unknown/the gospel of pseudo-matthew/chapter 34 again on a.htm

First Greek Form.
... And when He had reaped it, and threshed it, He made a hundred kors; [1751] and calling
all the poor of the village to the threshing-floor, He gave them the corn ...
//christianbookshelf.org/unknown/the gospel of thomas/first greek form .htm

Kors (3 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Kors (3 Occurrences). 1 Kings 4:22 Solomon's
provision for one day was thirty measures of fine flour, and ...
/k/kors.htm - 7k

Korhites (4 Occurrences)

/k/korhites.htm - 8k

Koum (1 Occurrence)

/k/koum.htm - 6k

Watercourse (6 Occurrences)
... wo'-ter-kors: (1) 'aphiq (Ezekiel 6:3; Ezekiel 31:12; Ezekiel 32:6; Ezekiel 34:13;
Ezekiel 35:8; 36:4, 6), the King James Version "river," elsewhere "stream ...
/w/watercourse.htm - 10k

Discourse (25 Occurrences)
... dis-kors': In the Revised Version (British and American) of Acts 20:7, 9, the
translation of Greek dialegomai (the King James Version "preach"), elsewhere ...
/d/discourse.htm - 14k

Course (87 Occurrences)
...kors (from Latin cursus, "a running," "race," "voyage," "way"): (1) euthudromeo,
"forward or onward movement," as of a ship: "We made a straight course" (Acts ...
/c/course.htm - 38k

Concourse (4 Occurrences)
... kon'-kors (hamah, "to hum," "to make a noise"; sustrophe, "a turning" or "twisting
together"): Hamah, usually translated by some word signifying "sound" is ...
/c/concourse.htm - 8k

Kors (3 Occurrences)

1 Kings 4:22
Solomon's provision for one day was thirty measures of fine flour, and sixty measures of meal,
(See NAS)

2 Chronicles 2:10
Behold, I will give to your servants, the cutters who cut timber, twenty thousand measures of beaten wheat, and twenty thousand measures of barley, and twenty thousand baths of wine, and twenty thousand baths of oil.
(See NAS)

2 Chronicles 27:5
He fought also with the king of the children of Ammon, and prevailed against them. The children of Ammon gave him the same year one hundred talents of silver, and ten thousand measures of wheat, and ten thousand of barley. So much did the children of Ammon render to him, in the second year also, and in the third.
(See NAS)



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