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be-thu'-li-a (Baithouloua): A town named only in the Book of Judith (4:6; 6:10; 7:1; 8:03; 10:06; 12:07; 15:3, 6; 16:21). From these references we gather that it stood beside a valley, on a rock, at the foot of which was a spring, not far from Jenin; and that it guarded the passes by which an army might march to the South. The site most fully meeting these conditions is that of Sanur. The rock on the summit of which it stands rises sheer from the edge of Merj el-Ghariq, on the main highway, some 7 miles South of Jenin. Other identifications are suggested: Conder favoring Mithiliyeh, a little farther north; while the writer of the article "Bethulia" in Encyclopedia Biblica argues for identification with Jerusalem.

W. Ewing


Here Beginneth the Story of Judith
... After this Holofernes commanded his servants to take Achior, and lead him
to Bethulia and to put him in the hands of them of Israel. ...
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The Early Life of St. Joseph
... In the course of it she stated that the father of Bartholomew of Geshur had for
some long time frequented the healing waters near Bethulia and had afterwards ...
/.../emmerich/the life of the blessed virgin mary/v the early life of.htm

Appendix. The Apocryphal Books of the Old Testament.
... When Holofernes, one of Nebuchadnezzar's generals, was besieging Bethulia, a city
of Judea, she went over to his camp with her maid in the character of a ...
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... by many different names, soon after came out and marauded all over the adjacent
country; and it is believed that it was about this time that Bethulia was so ...
// chosen people/lesson ix nineveh.htm

... Standard Bible Encyclopedia BETHULIA. be-thu'-li-a (Baithouloua): A town named only
in the Book of Judith (4:6; 6:10; 7:1; 8:03; 10:06; 12:07; 15:3, 6; 16:21). ...
/b/bethulia.htm - 7k

Judith (1 Occurrence)
... At the urgent request of Joakim ("Eliakim" in the Vulgate (Jerome's Latin Bible,
390-405 AD) and Peshitta), the inhabitants of Bethulia (so the Latin, English ...
/j/judith.htm - 27k

Ozias (2 Occurrences)
... o-zi'-as: (1) (Ozeias, Ozias, Codex Vaticanus ab): The son of Micah, a Simeonite,
one of the 3 rulers of Bethulia in the days of Judith (Judith 6:15, 16; 7:23 ...
/o/ozias.htm - 8k

... GOTHONIEL. go-tho'-ni-el (Gothoniel): The same as Othniel, father of Chabris who
was one of the governors of the city of Bethulia (Judith 6:15). ...
/g/gothoniel.htm - 6k

... Standard Bible Encyclopedia MELCHIEL. mel'-ki-el (Melchiel, Codex Vaticanus, Melcheiel):
The father of Charmis, one of the governors of Bethulia (Judith 6:15). ...
/m/melchiel.htm - 6k

Bethul (1 Occurrence)

/b/bethul.htm - 6k


/b/bethzacharias.htm - 6k

... CHABRIS. ka'-bris (Abris, Chabreis): Son of Gothoniel, one of the three rulers
of Bethulia in the time of Judith (Judith 6:15; 8:10; 10:6). ...
/c/chabris.htm - 6k

... CHARMIS. kar'-mis (Charmeis, Charmeis, A, Chalmeis): The son of Melchiel, one of
the three elders or rulers of the town of Bethulia (Judith 6:15; 8:10; 10:6). ...
/c/charmis.htm - 6k

... Ammonites, who spoke in behalf of Israel before Holofernes, the Assyrian general
(Judith 5:5). Holofernes ordered him bound and delivered at Bethulia to the ...
/a/achior.htm - 6k

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